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Interestingly enough, the Group Haiku owes its formulation to the mutual study of Torishimaru Aiki-Jutsu a Japanese spiritual path of meditation and martial arts in which Ivan, Bernie and Shannon were all students. The three formed the band Haiku almost eight years ago playing music around South Florida. Throughout that entire time of intense development, Shannon was continually writing and compiling a heavy list of original material. The development of Haiku's sound was created by mixing together each of the members diverse influences and backgrounds including rock, jazz, blues and alternative music. With constant growth and exploration, Haiku continually works on creating and refining a sound that is uniquely their own. A HAIKU is a poetic form of expression in which the author shares the experience of a single moment or inspiration utilizing a structured form of three lines consisting of 5 syllables then 7 syllables then 5 syllables. And that is what they are expressive, poetic, prolific, organic, and improvisational in the moment all within the structure of musical form and composition HAIKU! ........