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Being the Norwegian artist who virtually invented pop noir and solo-fi, Hasse Farmen is a wayward and independent figure in Norwegian rock. Farmen's lyricdriven slowcore songs immediately attracted attention from critics. In a review the Norwgian poet Levi Henriksen wrote "it's tempting to say of Hasse Farmen's lyrics what Jan Erik Vold" (the celebrated Norwegian poet) "once said of Bob Dylan: - I didn't understand all he sang about but it seemed like a very good description of the times we are living in".

Hasse Farmen's debut, "Hjertet er en ensom sjåfør" (The Heart is A Lonely Driver, 1996) was produced by the then most sought after producer in Norwegian alternative rock, JØRN CHRISTENSEN. STEIN TORLEIF BJELLA, the multi award winning singer songwriter, also featured on the album - as well as in Hasse Farmen's band line-up at the time. The album explored the territory of melancholic pop and rock moods abreast of foreign acts like Red House Painters. An eclectic artist Hasse Farmen's debut also delivered upbeat powerpop songs like "Katerine", A-listed for heavy rotation on Norway's number one music radio station, Nrk P3.

Due to circumstances beyond his control - mainly an edel record company bankruptcy - Farmen only released an ep, "Pyroman", between the debut and the follow up, "Postoperativ" almost nine years later - a difficult second album indeed. Once again critically acclaimed and ignored by the larger public, Hasse Farmen now set out on a 6 year out-of-the-studio-out-of-mind-DIY-journey that would result in his self produced third album, "En gang i Amerika" (Once Upon A Time In America). The single "Lang het sommer" (Long Hot Summer) was mixed by GEORGE TANDERØ (Ron Sexsmith, Travis, a-ha) and featured on the 2011 Midem-cd "Out of Norway" (Music Export Norway, 2011) - the major annual industry promo sampler for Norwegian artists (including top Norwegian acts like Kaizers Orchestra and Datarock). The single had public release February 2012 on Hasse Farmen's own label, farmen gramofon.

"En gang i Amerika" was released 30. march 2012.