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Hazardous Funk

A Brief Explanation ya de ya de and also ya

Hazardous Funk perform live, creating stuff as they go. Playing improvised trumpet guitar and vocals with the aid of beat boxes, loop pedals and a laptop.
They play original music and remixes, bridging gaps between genres, pre conceptions, improvisation and dance.
Wow thats a bit of a mouth full. Had to read that a few times myself and I wrote it. I wonder if I can put it another way. . . . Lets try ...
Basicaly They get people who would never dream of going to a night club to dance to drum and bass and clubbers to dance to 60’s jazz. Hazardous Funk is just a sea of improvised music on a bed of Phat Funk. An Explosive cocktail of uplifting hip shaking grooves.

Virtually everything on there new album was played created or sampled by them. The big band track has 16 trumpets and 8 guitars on which were then resampled for the Hip-hop reprise. The steam trains where recorded by them at a local steam railway and then made to groove by them and used as a creative springboard for the track. They are not big fans of over explaining this stuff but sometimes its nice to know the back-story ;-)