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Hector Ayerdiz

Hector was born on July 17 1982 in Managua, Nicaragua to Marvin and Aydelina Ayerdiz. He grew up in the capital city of Managua and the province of Rivas. As a young boy Hector experienced many things that would shape his life forever. He was separated from his parents at a very early age and lived with his grandmothers, and eventually rejoined his parents in the United States in 1991.

He began to experiment with music at the age of 8 and learned to play the violin at the age of 9. He later joined his local church worship group and began to play percussion and sing. He enjoyed many instruments and learned how to play the guitar at school. Later, he found that he loved the sound of the bass and decided to focus his attention on that insrument, learning how to play the bass at church. As he grew as a musician he decided he wanted to pursue a career in music and went to school working toward a degree in music education at Nyack College in Nyack, NY.

In his college career Hector was classically trained and learned a great deal about music. He played in multiple worship bands and classical ensembles. His style as a composer began to take shape and he was greatly influenced by the classical, jazz and worship music that he studied and heard. He graduated from college in 2005 and began teaching in public schools. He taught in Baltimore County Schools for a year but quickly moved to CanZion Intsitute in Washington DC. At CanZion he taught a variety of courses such as theory, composition, and musical styles and became the director of the newly formed CanZion Jazz band. The group played standard jazz material, and as the director Hector arranged and composed music for the group to perform as well.

Throughout his career Hector learned that being a talented musician means nothing without the annointing of God. God is not impressed with how well he plays, but rather the condition of his heart. He has been inspired to reach people through music who would not normally listen to the Gospel. Hector strives to compose music in a variety of styles that have influenced him, hoping to influence others as well and reach the lost. His debut project contains elements of latin jazz, funk, classical and worship music. His goal is not to make Christian music, but rather to be a Christian making music .