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Hi-Life was founded on September 1, 2011 when brother Esco Banton and sister E.D.N.A. were eating together at a Copeland’s Restaurant. Having lived in Atlanta for several years, dancehall, reggae, and hip-hop artist Esco Banton is no stranger to hard work.

Esco was born and raised on his grandmother’s farm in Nigeria. He credits his grandmother for instilling in him many values like humility and the joy of a job well done. In addition, Esco attributes his idol Buju Banton with his love for reggae music. Reggae may be Esco’s soul when it comes to music, but he has found a voice fusing many styles together.

His younger sister, Edna Osato Isibor, was born in 1985 in Seattle, Washington. When E.D.N.A. was between 6 and 7 she first developed her love for music, her first instrument being the keyboard. Since then she has grown her musical skills to include the cello, the string bass, and the guitar. With an excellent ear for music, and a keen eye for video production, E.D.N.A. has written, produced, and recorded several albums while also directing and editing several music videos - most notably "Dangerous" and "Do Whateva," two singles from her debut album The Future is Now.

With these two very talented siblings it is a wonder that they never collaborated before forming their new group Hi-Life. Esco brings to the table an incredible fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, and African vibe. E.D.N.A. adds a lot of flare with a Dance-Pop, Hip-Hop, and European vibe. Together the two bring a true voice to their sound, vibe, and music.