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Hitherside is a part American, part Belgian and part Dutch Female Fronted Melodic Hard Rock band based in Antwerp, Belgium.
The band consists of vocalist, Jennifer, her bassist/son, Joshua, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, Sam and drummer Stefan.
They turn heads with their infectious, Modern Melodic Hard Rock songs that contain amazing guitar riffs, textures and memorable melodies with big doses of lush harmonies mixed in.
Hitherside began in late 2011 as a musical duo with just Jennifer and Sam. In essense, they were an internet band who were writing, recording and producing their own original Rock songs and videos.
They landed an endorsement deal with PreSonus Audio Electronics with the release of their debut single/video, ‘Insignificant Other’ .
From then on, the group started building a strong international fan base.
PreSonus quotes that “Hitherside is a radio-ready, Alt-Rock, one-two punch that explores the dichotomy of heavy guitars paired with female vocals.
The result is intense, emotional and highly listenable music”.
In the summer of 2012, Sam and Jennifer were chosen to perform an acoustic version of ‘Insignificant Other’ on a local television music station called GumTV.
After creating six songs, the duo rounded up three other musician friends from Sam’s former bands to play a few live gigs.
Sam and Jennifer then decided to go back into their studio to focus on polishing their sound and to write more music.
Later in 2013, the duo started their search for other talented and highly motivated musicians to form a new line up in order to play live.
This feat proved longer and more difficult than imagined. However, the search for a 5-string bassist ended a year later when Joshua (who had been playing guitar for 2 years and was taken under Sam’s wings and trained to be Hitherside’s rhythm guitarist) volunteered to be the bassist.
For Joshua, it was an automatic, natural and successful switch over.
It was at this point that Sam and Jennifer had realized that it would be best to stream line the band and just have one guitarist.
A few months later, Hitherside finally found Dutchman, Stefan, a very talented and driven drummer that they had always wanted.
The band is rehearsed with 12 original songs, several cover songs and is ready to unleash your shake, rattle and roll.