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invisible animals history

(the following is an abridged version of the history of project: invisible animal)
project: invisible animal started as a federally funded experimental study of biophysics.
working under a special grant, dr. ananda ké performed special studies on a random sampling of people. during the course of her work, she became impressed by three of her subjects: romulus, dux & basil rathbone. each of these men had particular characteristics that set them apart from nearly 600 other case studies. also standing out among the test subjects was a young female, ellana dayligaun. dayligaun was the only female subject that displayed these particular characteristics.
after a six month study, dr. ké publicly released her findings. three days later, everything related to the study was seized by an unnamed government agency. all of the equipment was confiscated, including the phones. all funding and communication was terminated. ké had posted her paper on the lab’s blog, but it was completely removed and the domain registration was cancelled.
don quixote had been following the research and was alarmed when all traces of ké’s published works disappeared. after a bit of detective work, quixote was able to track her down. she suspected immediately that quixote might be the last piece to her puzzling research. a week later, ké met with quixote and her hypothesis was confirmed.
ké immediately contacted dayligaun, romulus, dux, and mr. rathbone. they connected shortly thereafter and began their work.
phases of this work became musical in the fall of 2004.