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Illusent's life story can be summed up by Ephesians 2:1-10. At age thirteen, Illusent's dad took him to a Christian Youth Service. He met a bunch of people his age, and he thought it was pretty cool. At the end of the night they had an altar call, and on that night he gave his life to God! Or did he really? Illusent found out very quickly that it wasn't "cool" to live for, and serve God. His friends wouldn't accept that, and soon he didn't either. Illusent was young, and had his whole life ahead of him. He wanted to see what the world had to offer. He started getting involved with drugs, girls, and was constantly depressed. Very depressed. Having numerous thoughts of suicide, and always looking for the easy way out. Soon, He started venting all his anger, and confusion through music. Hip-Hop was always something he loved. It was a place where he could escape, but as a teen, he was easily influenced and intrigued by the whole "Thug Life" mentality. His music took on that image as well. He was constantly degrading women, talking about killing, getting high, and based his lifestyle on materialism. He was lost. Illusent felt convicted about this lifestyle for years, but nothing changed. He met his wife, and was trying to live the "right" way, but was confused because he was still making music that didn't reflect that. Until the birth of his son Jayden. Illusent really wanted to be a positive figure to his son, and wife.

Illusent was on the verge of releasing a project he was working on titled "Music=Life" (Yes, he has a tattoo that says that, as well), and he was trying to find a balance. At this time, he was so convicted with everything he was doing. He was in tears constantly. In an attempt to write off Christian Rap, and have a good laugh while bored out of his mind, He went to He thought, "Wow! These Christians have their own Youtube? This is pathetic." He typed "Christian Rap" in the search engine, and the first thing that popped up was "Praying For You" by Lecrae. Extremely skeptical, he listened. After hearing the song, he suddenly realized that God had appointed this moment, as THE moment his life would change forever! He tried to fight it off, but it was very clear what God wanted him to do!

Illusent stopped everything that he was working on, and listened. For the first time ever! He wanted to know God! He knew he was blessed with a gift to rhyme, and make music, and it had been wasting away for years. It was at that moment, that it was time to use his music, and all of his talents to glorify Jesus! Now, with all music aside, Illusent truly understands that Jesus is enough. He would rather spend an eternity in communion, and perfect fellowship with God, than ever making another song again. All glory to God alone.