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in his teens would listen N.W.A. naughty by nature, ll cool j, snoop dogg, 2pac, dr. dre, puff daddy, da brat, salt n peppa, coolio, cee lo, busta rhymes, wu tang clan and biggy smalls.

when he was in class he would either drawl or write lyrics in his note book.
In the late 90s dwayne started to develope his rappin skills.

as time passed his lyrical structure started to elavate
he would particpate on these online rap battles; sites like b-boys or sushiraw
weather it would be text or audio battles.
this is where he learned more about multi rhymes, metaphores and other punchlines.

it was tough for dwayne, because he didnt have surportive parents.
Specialy when rap music was black dominated in this culture we call hiphop.
but dwayne came across many opsicles he had to face.
coming from broken home, having a druken father stealing from his son, and being homeless.
and amother trying convice him hes mentally sick.

but if it wasnt the problems he went through, you probley wouldnt see his drive that heputs in his music
and this is what makes up insanedawayne.