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Interstate Gypsies

Interstate Gypsies

In Denver, there is a basement containing musical instruments. Sometimes it gets flooded with lyrics and musical ideas from a tsunami that originates in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The components battle it out for sometime, until eventually and invariably, an accord is reached. In Dallas, there is a voice. I-70 to I-35 from Denver will get you close enough to plug in a microphone without using a cord extension. There are a number of roads that will get you from Dallas to Tulsa, but you gotta pick one and go, because it's there that another voice awaits. From Tulsa, if you Interstate west, Interstate north, Interstate west and Interstate west some more, you'll end up a mile above. The battle of the basement starts anew until finally, somehow, someway, it all fits together on a little plastic disc.

We hope you'll listen. We hope you'll like.

David Dowler - Denver
Ralph Bollinger - Broken Arrow
Vanessa Cedotal - Dallas
Stephanie Oliver - Tulsa