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Island Joy

On the beautiful Oregon coast in 2012, with friends, laughter and authentic community, this musical duo found their sound. In each step of this artistic adventure, Jeremy and Melody are discovering new ways of connecting with their audience on and off stage. Between the surf community, real estate market and community services, the members of Island Joy along with their spouses are deeply honored to be a relevant part of their culture.

There is a depth and honesty represented in this music that pulls you in. Even the EP Album art was inspired by one of Jeremy’s sons. . . “Dad you know what’s cool?” “What son.” “When you get a black piece of paper and you paint white all over it.”. . Moments that seem simple can penetrate our hearts. This conversation launched an entire project in one of Lincoln County’s small community art groups. The source of Island Joy’s music is not from within the members but from the most creative one of all.

Island Joy has a unique and fresh sound with “no holds barred” when it comes to rhythms, licks and drive. Most people are surprised when they see only two people on stage and hear such a full sound. Currently the songs are all instrumental, but each one is packed with meaning. Stay tuned as this new expression grows and blossoms.