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Iwari, a new rap artist, released the first single "This is that R.E.A.L." from his debut album The R.E.A.L. February, 2013.
“This is that R.E.A.L” the album’s flagship single is a raw assessment of life as Iwari sees it. “R.E.A.L.” is an acronym for “raw experience acquired living,” says Iwari who refers to himself as a conscious rapper currently living in LA.
“I put a lot of my heart into this single because I want people to know just what is happening with my generation which some people refer to as generation “Y”. The track features 2L my cousin from Compton who has been rapping since we were kids. I had to get with him on this track because together we make up both sides of the same coin. He grew up in Watts while I grew up in New York City and St. Louis, MO, but when we get together it is sharing the R.E.A.L. that cements our mutual respect.
“Yeah, we use the “N” word. But for me there is no other word that communicates what I really mean when I start to spit. I am not just referring to dark skinned people, I am referring to a mentality that exists in all races no matter what color you are. The stereotypical ‘n***a’ transcends skin color and exemplifies a behavior. This is the raw experience I acquired just living my life, and I hope that people will get past their programming and really take a listen to what I am trying to awaken them to.
“I think the rap game has changed so much that there is no single way to get recognition in the game without beefn or shootn someone. I am not here to do either I just want to rap about issues that are important to me and make music that I hope people will find entertaining as well as thought provoking.
I have been listening to rap music since I can remember. As a kid I played violin, music and rap were soothing to me. I know violin and rap huh, what a combination! I came out of a life threatening situation with an edgy way of doing things so that is what I bring to the game.
“I have been working on this album for about a year now and I hope to release it in May of this year, perhaps on my birthday—May 6, 2013. I like to do something real on that day to celebrate the fact that despite the odds and the prognosis I am still here.
Enough of that though, I am releasing my debut independent album under my label DeWeezy Enterprises.
“I’m working with some really cool people. I have to give props to B Easy who is always there doing his thing. He is the ultimate engineer and mixologist. Some of the music is calm and melodic which I hope the ladies will like, while other tracks are edgy like “This is that R.E.A.L.”
Iwari has also released a self titled EP, IWARI, available on iTunes and two singles “Fall Out” and “Break it Down.” He released his first mixtape—the PreGame—December, 2011.

For more information and free downloads you can check out Iwari at Like Iwari on facebook, follow him on twitter and tumbler. Iwari music can also be heard on Radio Airplay, Facebook, Reverbnation, Jengo, Myspace, Blackplanet and Youtube.

Artist(s): IWARI featuring 2L
Song(s): This is the R.E.A.L.
Producer: Iwari on the track 

Album: The R.E.A.L. Coming Soon!
Version(s): Radio – Explicit
Beats Per Minute:
Kilobytes Per Second:
Category: Rap Artist 

Genre: Hip-Hop

Contact: Verna Joy - 213 427-4357

Label: Independent