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Ixchel and the Owl

Ix'chel and the Owl started her journey as a musician from an early age. She studied violin from age 3 and "composed" her first song at age 6. She always had a keen interest in music and have participated in various musical activities such as symphony orchestras, ensembles, choirs, solo performances and multi-artist collaborations.

Although Ix'chel has always had a deep affinity towards music, it was not until 2007 that she understood how essential music was in her life. After a personal loss, she fell into a long and deep depression that almost claimed her life. As she contemplated suicide, she found a voice inside her wanting to come out. She started to sing and chant in a language of her own, and found this type of free-style singing to be deeply healing to her. Soon she picked up a guitar and taught herself to play while singing. As she continued to sing and play the guitar, and felt her spirit return to life and brighten up again. She describes this experience as a "veil being lifted from my mind and heart".

Out of this catharsis, Ix'chel created her first series of songs, which she performed live in various community venues. Her artistic name Ix'chel and the Owl came to be during this time, as it embodies strength, rebirth and hope.

Her musicianship continues to deepen as she dives further into the psyche of music.

Ix'chel is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer, song-writer, and composer drawing her musical inspirations from artists such as Steve Roach, Patrick O'Hearn, Erik Wøllo, Dead Can Dance, Alva Noto and others.

She continues to evolve her sound by taking artistic risks, delving deep into subtleties and dissonances of what music can offer, and through integrating sounds and rhythms from her surrounding world, she is creating unending possibilities with her music. She finds great joy in exploring the musical landscape of abstractness, harmonic surprises and synchronicities.

Ix'chel firmly believes that music played a part in her healing process. To her, music has the capacity to be medicine and by tapping into the therapeutic abilities it offers, she believes many people can benefit from its therapeutic values as well.

She wishes to continue her musical journey through reaching higher states of vibration, and deepening her connection with the world. With music as her medium she hopes to convey her interpretation of the human journey and ultimately find answers to things that have challenged her in life.

Please join Ix'chel in this quest as she births her songs into the world.