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Jassniro is an independent recording artist based in Rome, Italy. He was among the finalists of the Los Angeles Indie Music Channel in 2012 with the song "It's time for love,"and in 2013 with "I'm feeling strange." His song "I'm feeling strange" was among the 87 semifinalists on the 'Unsigned Only' international music contest. Jassniro is also the winner of the Akademia Music Awards , June 2015 and March 2016 editions , respectively with the song "I love you", R&B -ambient section and "Summer is over", spoken word nominations.
"Over the years , as pearls in a deep ocean ,I have collected a series of musical ideas not always structured in the context of songs, and placed in a drawer for a long time and only from 2009 finally passed in review in my first digital studio, within a home recording environment. Subsequently, these ideas have been expanded and proposed to other studios mainly based in the city of Los Angeles with the collaboration of some black american vocalists of a great talent and immense potentials, that cooperated with Jassniro music productions (emotional lounge) and finally the music of Jassniro started its course after a tremendous work and with a massive online distribution started in 2009, with the first album "Inside me",till my last singles and videoclips "I made it for you" , "Our golden days", "Down to Melrose", "Soft touch", "Our time for love".
My music is characterized not only in the classic verses and choruses but getting a little out of the schematic nature 'of the ritual compositional schemes and is recognized more in the musical phrases of jazz inspiration with true geometric shapes interlocking and evolving on melodic progressions. The real challenge of a musician, of an artist is to try and make some sound research and new patterns , and I think even just the introduction of conversations and spoken word in the carpet of sounds and composition might give to instrumental music a newfound sensuality and a new fresh breath" .(Jassniro, 'my music',March 2016).
My project is basically the materialization of a passion for music that expresses itself in its various forms and styles, and the strain of a continuous work, sound research and a personal challenge that tends to leave aside the traditional concept of "band " and play and arrange music as a multi-instrumentalist actually ranging from a home recording studio environment to other studios around the world and in particular in Los Angeles and getting collaborations with other artists and vocalists .
Thinking long term, why not accept the invitation of other music dealers and networks , and take in the future the characteristics of a digital label, opening the doors to other artists who will embrace my music conception of composition and production . "This because working in the field of music for quite some time, I realized that artists in the creative phase and production are always too worried and limited in the sphere of the commercial results often imposed by certain majors or other commercial channels, yet first to express freely what are the real potential of each artist" . Jassniro in perspective, will have to become a creative hub and a label, where creative ideas will be conveyed as part of the great basin of the 'world music', outside the narrow and limited logic of commercial music.

In the constitution of my playlist you can find more than just songs, but maybe fragments of life, my secret pearls, little moments, expressed in music, little fragments of my life, my stories, my memories, if not swept away by time, but there carved in music.It 's always interesting for me the sound research and the sound effects especially those acquired from natural environments, or even from overtalking,various spoken word,political speeches and mundane conversations. I am based in Rome and active in the production of music in the global scene. I am focusing on various styles such as r&b, hip-hop, jazz,pop, funk,chill-lounge,spoken word, world music, with various arrangements adapted for a distribution on line.In a new conception ,leaving apart the band, today we can live music as a sort of theater stage and representing reality in its various forms and facets .. Jassniro project is basically a multimedia and multi-faceted arts, like when you have your own ideas as a soloists, to convey and develop multi-faceted forms in the sense of good musical projects .Bearing in mind also the arid landscape of nowadays life, that is often poor of content and inspirations , I often refer, while playing, to the sound and style of the past 70,'s 80's BROKEN BEAT and 90's(R&B OLD SCHOOL), rich of sound, excellent musicians and groups , full of originality, intuition, spontaneity , such as Shakatak, Shalamar, Gap Band, Midnight Stars, One Way,Cameo, the Chic, Otis Redding,the Vandellas,Sam &Dave, the Jackson Five, Kool & the Gang, also some good, chill out lounge, like the "Cafe' Del Mar" collection, alongside some nice Afro-beat by Fela Anikulapo Kuti and various African musicians (traditional and modern ones). "I often try to bring up some moments of my life, sparks, pearls from the ocean depths, experimental ideas translated into musical compositions .I am also very attracted by the musicality and charm of the spoken word, so that in most of my compositions there is often a spoken word session".