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Born in Cameroon, Judee has been living in Switzerland for the past 22 years, embracing wholeheartedly her dual-nationality in all aspect of her life. Basel is where she has come to rest after having been a citizen of the world from age 7: the USA, the UK, Scandinavia, Liberia, Eq. Guinea, China, France; all these cultures have enriched and influenced Judee's musical prowess.

With Judeemusic as her flagship Judee has spent many years as lead singer taking pleasure in lending her voice and music.

Two CDs behind her, Judee the songwriter now, even more than ever, keenly pursues the songwriting facet of the music business. She hangs on to her roots by flavouring many of her songs with Afro, Afro-Caribbean or Latino styles all the while keeping her songs mainly pop.

“… My entire journey, the people I've met, have made me so much stronger as a person and as an artist, giving me much more to write and sing about now." Judee’s soft spot for love songs with complications is fueled by her musical empathy towards this human condition called love that we all encounter at some time of our life.

“I love writing love songs. Some could see this as the usual mindless introverted string of songs put out there. But for me, this is less about my own personal feelings, thoughts, and motives and more about feelings, thoughts, and motives of many, many people in the world at large. So yes, my songs tend to be less on the social and/or political end of the spectrum, by choice.”

Writing songs since the age of 16, Judee firmly believes “the most important is the song, then the singer”. “To hear my song being sung by others fills me with such a rewarding sense of joy and accomplishment that can’t explained”.