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Jack Giering Trio

The creative music clay was thrown on the wall - Once again - jammed out on the keys & God guided us to extract the beauty in this result of sequential additions of creativity from my brothers! We spontaneously played to each other's beginnings with no Idea or rules as to where our musical journeys would end. End? They did not! - We have begun Trio cd #3 - Just for fun! Live someday? Don't know - This cd was music through us - not by us! - Do we have more expected in purpose? He will let us know - he really has not been shy & we thank him! -- Triple Hee!
COSMIC RUMPUS - I had an idea & a vague tune - "A walk on the Cosmic Path" - As I let my mind wander on the keys , while searching for the song, my pups started a very violent sounding mock fight. I stopped & settled them - they innocently watched as I started back on the keys & gleefully renewed their frightful battle!
Ok! - I laughed - Maybe I am supposed to write Cosmic Rumpus & I went with the flow.
GABBY"S TUNE - 4AM. - Awakened by dogs barking - Sitting @ my table in a pinwheeling mix of pain & confusion from my surgeries & sudden awakening - trying to gather my thoughts, I see the sweet picture of Gabby & think "Why"?
Far back in the recesses of my mind I hear a melody! - "well dummy - he sent another tune" - went to the keys - played it - recorded it that week! A song of hope for Gabrielle.
FIRST BASS - Was thinking about one of my all time favorites, Sly & Family Stone - Gee - Imagined how they would have sounded in the "Big Band' Era!
BLUE CAYMAN - Was putting on John & Phil proclaiming my "Jew's Harp Debut" !!
(listen close in very beginning)!! Makes me giggle!!! Just wanted to hear Philly play da blues!
WHATEVER BECAME OF YESTERDAY'S SMILE - Feeling rough like I usually do in the morning ( kind of like the rebuilt "It's alive" Monster of the old horror movies! - Went to the keys - This came out. John brought it out again in the studio!! Life truly IS what happens while we try to do something else!!
-Jack Giering

" Back in the mid 90s, my brother Mike came for a visit to our home. While here on that visit, I recorded his voice, as he recalled the days of his youth and spoke of his love for music and more importantly family. When Jack and John sent me the track to play guitar to I thought that his memories would add a sweet and personal touch to the recording. So here we have a piece of music with the recollections of a dear brother that I love very much!
Mike is 13 years older than me...always was versatile in many vocations and talented. He use to sing and was the sharpest looking of us Keaggy boys (I'm sure my other brothers would agree). He followed our dad's footsteps into the iron working business. He has been retired now for many years and lives in Arizona.
'" So many good memories'".... thank you Mike for being my brother...We love you and your dear Sharon. God bless you both "
-Phil Keaggy

The whole process of composing and recording these musical collections, which are aural journeys through our musical psyches, comes very naturally for the three of us. Topsey Treme Part #1 is a salute to Cozy Coal's big hit of the '50's Topsey Part 1. Forest Green was inspired by a drum track I had previously recorded, which had a primal feel to it. With drums as background, and Jack's and Phil's inspirations, we have a journey down a river in a rain forest; propelled by the drums, and a panoramic view generated by keyboards and guitar.