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Jamaiel Shabaka

Jamaiel Shabaka is a master musician and master drummer his music is dynamic, authentic, and a music of positive healing vibrations. Shabaka has released three albums including his hit album, recorded by Sugar Minnot in his home country of Jamaica, The Land of the Rising Sun. Jamaiel Shabaka has traveled the world touring, performing and teaching music. Shabaka’s African, Jamaican and Caribbean roots and travels come out in his music as he plays traditional Nyahbinghi Reggae, Caribbean Jazz, and traditional African Drumming and Music. Shabaka has played with greats such as Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, Bob Marley, The Mighty Diamonds, Calypso Rose, Ras Michael, and Horace Tap Scott. Shabaka is also known as Rasta Djembe Fola, Djembe Fola meaning one who makes the Djembe Drum speak. Shabaka is a well-known cultural icon in the West African Drum and Dance world. This element can also be seen in his music and performances as he travels with highly talented dancers and drums inside of his shows. Shabaka is one of the premier Nyahbinghi drummers in America coming off of Bobo Hill, Bull Bay in Jamaica. Shabaka is also a master of the tenor, soprano and alto saxophone as well as the flute. Mr. Shabaka is also a master of Afro-Cuban Bata Drumming.