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James O'Mara Felice

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When I was 12, my parents bought me a guitar. I played whenever I could, cranking the radio or stereo whenever I heard the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Cream, and any of the great rock bands you can think of. I drove my parents crazy and loved it.

In college, I joined a band in Providence, comprised of would be rockers like myself, but we all knew that becoming a rock star was like becoming a superhero: a child’s dream. We were all heading to corporate America; every college senior’s new aspiration.

I went into banking. I partied too hard with co-workers and soon to be suburbanites. I sold my amp and got rid of the records I grew up with. I wasn’t very happy, but who was? I literally drowned the voice inside me...

Ok, so enough of my dreary life.

One day, several years later, I asked a woman out who I knew would never say yes. She said yes, and I panicked. We went out to eat and I rambled and rambled out of sheer fear. I told her I played guitar (what! was I insane!). She asked me to play something (ok, now she’s insane). All I could find was a cassette tape of my college band (confirming my insanity). I was embarrassed. She was amused, and again asked me to play something for her. I found the guitar my parents had given me and shakily played “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. She smiled (confirming her insanity).

I bought some picks and started playing again. I still wasn’t very willing to listen to the voice inside, but drowning it out again lost its hold on me.

I dabbled with some lyrics but never put anything together until I met this woman’s daughter. A 6 year old sprite. Part elf, part angel. That girl is Nicole, yes, The Nicole of the “Nicole” song and The Nicole on the cover of my first CD. That song, by the way, is still the most frequently downloaded song of all of my songs.

The voice hasn’t stopped talking since then, and maybe because I have the songs as an outlet, I don’t ramble as much.

My first CD represents my awakening. Nicole says that the CD is all about love. I am not so sure that I fully agree with her, as a lot of the songs represent some very painful moments in my life. But I suppose songs about love gone wrong are still songs about love. There is a lot of raw emotion in that CD and as I listen back to the songs I can hear that.

My second CD is more complex. I loved creating the guitar solos and felt much more comfortable adding them into the songs. I added some new instrumentation and even expanded my vocals. Are the songs still about love? I guess so. But that’s what life is all about, right?

“Something Just Ain’t Right” and “No Good” are two single releases that are in the same spirit as my previous work and really focus on that retro 60s/70s feel of Rock both Electric like “Something Just Ain’t Right” or acoustice Like “No Good” Anyway hope you enjoy!