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James Ranka

My name is James Ranka and odds are, you have never heard of me.

That’s not real important now, but after you read my incredible story you will understand why I am breaking sales records in a business so full of competition, few survive—much less thrive.

When I was about 7 years old, I heard a song on the radio. The melody stayed with me for a couple of hours and then something very strange—to this day I can’t explain, took place.
I "saw" a vivid picture of myself sitting on the piano bench, arms extended, fingers curved and moving to the right notes at the right time.

I then ran inside and took my place at the old upright piano, and with heart pounding I played the melody exactly as I had pictured. After playing it again and again, I looked up to see a crowd of relatives surrounding me.

“My God, how did you do that?!”
“That boy needs piano lessons!”

On and on, one after another, my “audience” was amazed at what just took place. I just wanted to go back outside and play. Honestly, I thought nothing of that event. It seemed perfectly normal and, well, easy.

I was to learn at a later time, I was born with a gift—a very special gift.


Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes a musical performer stand out from the rest? It isn’t that one musician or composer wants success while the other doesn’t. Nor, is it that the successful musician has worked harder than the other.

In the golf world, what makes Tiger Woods so much better than his peers?
Is it hard work?
Yes, these things play a role, but a very minor one.

The difference is God-given talent; talent nurtured and rehearsed until the particular skill appears to become effortless.

The result is a sometimes imperceptible "extra" or feel that makes a recording stand out from the crowd... and that's what you get when you purchase any of my CDs or downloads.

My talents come from and were infused inside me by a much Higher Source, and I can take no credit for them.
Granted, I put in the thousands of hours necessary (as did Tiger) for success, but it's that little "extra" magic that gives my music a slight edge, and that "extra edge" makes all the difference..

My family made sure I took piano lessons (a demand at the time I saw as a punishment; now, of course, I’m forever grateful.) As I grew older the piano lessons dwindled but my love of music continued to grow.

I began to improvise while I continued to develop my “ear playing” techniques.

I then coupled music knowledge with technology, learning how to record, mix and master my original compositions. This marriage birthed a commercial studio where I found myself composing music for film, video, TV commercials and arranging music beds for aspiring songwriters (something I still do today).

In a nutshell, I took God’s gift and developed it in major music areas over a 25 year span.


There are literally hundreds of thousand “musicians” who believe in their heart of hearts they are the answer to music’s eternal search for the next superstar… when, in reality, they should leave music for a totally different field.

That becomes obvious as you listen to the top sellers.

Listen to the “Top Sellers” or “Best Song”, and then compare what you just heard to my arrangement of “What Child is This”. If you don’t hear a big difference in the dynamics, recording quality and overall excellence between the two, then you’ve chosen one of the few recording artists who should be in the music business.

Chances are better, however, you will immediately hear the difference that places my style of music in a mystical, almost magical class.


Experience the little boy or girl inside again. You can get there by listening to my music.
Allow my songs to transport you to a pleasant, relaxing, yet energetic mental “place” as you decorate the tree, bake the cookies or enjoy good conversation with friends or family.

There are many, many other Christmas CDs out there, but none are as good as “A Cool Jazz Christmas”.

Discover this amazing music from the guy you’ve never heard of... it's all wrapped up in a CD.
Then share your find, James Ranka--aka Jamey Keys with friends and family because
"A Cool Jazz Christmas"- the CD, makes a perfect Christmas gift.