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Jane Irene Farley


Jane Irene Farley, dubbed SISTER JANE - The Singing Evangelist- am originally from Guyana, South America but spent the greater part of my life in the United States; specifically New York City where I was educated and acquired several college degrees: including a bachelor's, an associate, three master's and a law degree. I am a member of the New York State Bar and specialize in Social Security, Veterans' and Special Education Laws; even though now-a-days, for God's reasons, I do very little law. Over twenty years ago, God called me to the ministry but I paid little attention to the Call until the Lord "put me through the wilderness" when I woke up, went back to school and acquired a Master of Divinity degree. I am currently working towards a Ph.D. degree in Biblical Studies. It's a pleasure for me to study the Word and impart knowledge. As an academician, I enjoy giving religious lectures which I do from time to time at various churches.
Having graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, I am also a fashion designer and a professional seamstress; these skills I cherish dearly because I am in love with fashion and they afford me the luxury to make my clothes as one of my favorite pastime. God has truly blessed me in the arts because I have also played leading roles in several off-Broadway plays with the Ujama and other theatres.
Singing is my passion and the Holy Spirit told me to "sing the bible." To this end, I have just completed my first album of twelve songs - JANE IRENE FARLEY: NEW BEGINNINGS - eleven of which are originals written by me; the lyrics and melodies of these songs are all spiritually inspired. God has given me spiritual hearing which allows me to tune in to the heavenly choir, record the melodies and write the lyrics. I just want to thank the Lord for this blessing. This is a very blessed and anointed album; those who believe and have faith will be healed.
My goal is to spread the word of God throughout the world by singing the gospel while utilizing heavenly melodies which will appeal to all people: children, adults, Jews and Gentiles who believe in Jesus and inspire the unbelievers to come to Christ. Most of my songs teach something about the scripture. I hope to win many souls around the world.
I just want to thank the Lord for choosing me, a sinner saved by grace, to do His work and I must say that I enjoy marketing the Word of God and working for Him.