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Janhett T. Windglows

Just like her mystical poetry flows with the music in her first CD "Nightsongs", Janhett T. Windglow's life has ebbed and flowed magically over the past thirtysome years. Janhett began writing poetry as a nine-year- old to express her vibrant joy for life. Janhett's poetry was only the beginning of her lifelong enchanted adventures.

Over the seasons, her poetry has been published in various journals, anthologies, and websites all over the world including her phenomenal mind blowing artistic poetic debut at the Orange County Performing Arts Center Segerstrom Hall in August of 2004 in Orange County, California where she recieved several standing ovations for her outstanding performances that sent her incredible mystical magick into the audience and caught all of them spellbound and in awe of her talents, beauty, and gifts to the entire world.

Janhett embraced music from an early age as well. She demonstrates exceptional talent in original lyrics as well as song and has played the piano along with other musical instruments by ear for years being self taught; and continues to enjoy playing her own compositions and world music for family and friends.

She does not have any particular favorite musicians, as Janhett loves all musicians so she is drawn to specific music according to the kind of mood she is in using different moods and situations to compose her original phenomenal artistic pieces and has the gift of drawing others who listen into many diverse magickal moods. Many have told Janhett that she has the voice of an Angel, as her voice is as unique as are her many talents.

Pairing her great love for music and the fine arts together, Janhett continues her celestial journey to integrate her diverse modes of expression into a special unique way that for whoever listens to her compositions will strongly identify with the particular emotions, feelings, and moods of her many special original compositions on " Nightsongs" as there is something special on "Nightsongs" for everyone to listen to, that hits home and goes straight to the heart of the listener.

Janhett manifests her passion for life with her lifelong devotion to the high magickal arts, the healing arts, and so much more. She is a highly accomplished Reiki Master Teacher, and Watsu Practioner, as well as being a gifted and accomplished High Magickal Enchantress for over thirty years- visit her website at httP://

To capture nature's beauty in many dimensions, Janhett enjoys using her Nikon Camera to photograph landscapes and vistas throught her daily life and during her travels around the world and encourages others to celebrate life and true happiness. A native of Los Angeles, Janhett currenly inhabits her own peaceful paradise in great Northern Idaho. She founded Starlight Music Productions in 1999 with a vision of bringing love, true happiness, healing, and beauty to the world.