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For those who prefer their music with a big dose of versatility, style and substance, look no further than West Coast’s rhyme smiths JERRICO and KIC. One of indie music’s fastest rising names, JERRICO and KIC provide an honest and creative brand of Hip hop which made acts like Common, Talib Kweli, and Krs-One rap legends. These Westcoast artists prove determined to rattle the rap arena and remain an anomaly in an industry that thrives on flavor-of-the-month rip-offs.

JERRICO and KIC met in 1991 through DJ RHETTMATIC. They quickly recognized each other’s talents during open mics and freestyle sessions. They eventually formed a four-man group, Frantic Puzzle where they worked with members and long time friends MR. MEEKS, and DJ RHETTMATIC. Frantic Puzzle released a few demos and did several shows. After a few years the group split and the members went their own ways.

Now once again reunited, JERRICO and KIC is Rap’s new dynamic duo to watch. JERRICO and KIC’s latest offering, In Motion, presents a very diverse list of song topics (soon to be available online and in-store). In Motion continues the group’s mission of delivering substance and style in Hip hop music. The album contains subject matters such as dealing with the challenges of daily life “In Motion” and “Stand Still”, exhibiting versatility and crafty lyrics “Dirty Funk” and “Let’s Go”, dramatically dealing with the controversial aspects of the music industry on the insightful “Who cares” and “Face the Music (F.M.)” and message tracks on the very moving “Trouble” and “Love”. In Motion is a matured and intimate journey produced by KIC himself, who is steadily garnering acknowledgement in underground movements for his “out of the box” creativity.

KIC (Ryan Lucero) has been in the music game for some time... since 1983 to be exact! He grew up taking music lessons from his brother, who is an accomplished jazz musician. By the age of 9, he realized he had a fascination with the piano and was supported by his family to study it. After a few years, he grew frustrated by his teacher's lack of support and strict teaching style, and decided to learn on his own with the help of his brother, who began teaching him jazz chords and improvisation. During that time he was introduced to Hip Hop and he has never been the same since.

In 1987, KIC cut his very first demos with DJ RHETTMATIC. Since then KIC has been involved with and started many groups, such as Frantic Puzzle, where he worked with members and long time friends: JERRICO, MR. MEEKS, and DJ RHETTMATIC; other groups included Mental Kase, as well as Absolute Realness, where he worked with FLIP DA SOULFISCHER. With Absolute Realness, they performed in such venues that included THE HOUSE OF BLUES and the ROXY, both in Hollywood, Ca. His last group United Crowns, which included members: RICHIE LAWSUIT, PROFOUND, CHIKOZI, WILL GLASS, and DJ DREZ. His work with United Crowns would earn them a space on the legendary KRS ONE's very first Temple Of Hip Hop: Criminal Justice compilation, with a track named "THE ODDESSY". KIC has also worked on other various projects with DJ DREZ, DJ MELO-D, and DJ J-ROCC. He recorded his first solo album, entitled, "LET ME PLAY" in 1997, which was never released. He has also produced many solo emcee's. His big turning point came in 1999, when he gave his life to Jesus Christ.

His life would take a dramatic turn that would have him leave United Crowns without looking back. Although it was nothing personal towards any of United Crown's members, it was a necessary step in KIC's life that would both, grow and strengthen his life, mind and spirituality. This would take him on a 7 year journey into his soul that would, ultimately, have him walking away from what he loved the most, music. What he gained from that sacrifice was a relationship with Jesus Christ that will usher him into eternity. During that 7 year period KIC has been involved with youth groups, various church ministries, teaching the Word of God, and was married to his beautiful wife Jenn. He looks back with no regrets. 7 years later, after securely knowing where his true passion lies, he has returned to the music scene... A little older... A little wiser.

JERRICO (Delrosario) was born in the Philippines and moved to California in 1986 with his mom, sister, and brother. Besides having to adapt to sunny Cali’s lifestyle, he fed his musical interest by ingesting artists like KRS-ONE, De La Sol, ATCQ, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and N.W.A.. Heavily influenced by Hip hop’s Golden Era, Jerrico started to penetrate the world of mic check in the mid 90’s when he was part of Frantic Puzzle, a rap group that opened for acts such as Souls Of Mischief JERRICO made his first debut on record in 1996 when he laced a verse to internationally recognized DJ Rhettmatic’s The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol.2 classic Hit “All Star Line Up” which was a collaboration with artists Ras Kass, The Visionaries, Dilated Peoples, and Charli2na (Jurassic 5). Following “All Star Line Up”, he continued performing and recording with a loose collective of musicians and artists and made a few sporadic guest appearances through the years. Frustrated with the shady music industry, he walked away from music and attended University of Redlands, CA to study Business Management. Unable to quiet his calling, A few years later he revisited the music scene.

Returning strong under indie label YUCO (YU Can Overcome) Entertainment with the late 2007 release of Against the Grain, JERRICO achieved a much larger degree of critical acclaim. The album sold relatively well and received a strong positive reaction among alternative and underground Hip-hop fans. The album fluidly incorporates influences of Hip-hop, Reggae and Soul. Against the Grain is almost entirely produced by Filharmonic, with some help from Jerrico’s longtime collaborators KIC and The Earl. The Album features guest spots from artists Filharmonic, KIC, and Treena. JERRICO explains that the title Against the Grain “represents the stance of the Alternative/Indie Hip-hop scene which exists in today’s industry that thrives on cookie-cutter stereotypes .” Against the Grain is equal parts hopeful, melancholic, inspiring, and entertaining – Boasting songs that exhibit JERRICO’s originality and bold statements along with grandiose arrangements by producers Filharmonic and KIC

JERRICO and KIC maintain a progressive-minded approach to their music. The Rap duo have placed themselves in the category of artists working to bring a sense of spirituality, social conscience, and moral balance back to Hip hop. Their power to breathe life into a song and ability to captivate an audience makes them excellent live performers and all-around solid emcees. JERRICO and KIC’s music is definitely one to experience, digest, and reflect