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Vindaloo: "If the world has to go down then at least to the right soundtrack!"

Jerx are the guys, who set out like all the others, to conquer the world, only to realize: ya gotta stay true to yourself. They’ve landed at a major record label, enjoyed success in the charts and on celebrated tours and are sought-after producers and songwriters. But now they pulled something off that others only dream about: producing their third studio album completely autonomous and independently. They didn’t sell out even in times when more and more bands – formerly working in the darkest recesses of rock'n'roll – are now worshiping at the shrine of the casting and synthetic gods.
Never completely politically correct (thankfully!) or biodegradable but with only the finest, handmade guitar noise from 100% homemade productions. Jerx created an homage to the spirit of good old rock'n'roll while staying in the here and now and remaining entirely authentic. Angry. Empathetic. Direct.

So what if rock'n'roll is dead? Who cares? Even if it’s the end of the world and the earth right along with it - for us high voltage Jerx guys it’s just another reason to celebrate: HAPPY JERXMENTDAY! Cunningly lurking beneath the surface somewhere in an underground studio between Zurich, Graz, Berlin or God knows where they keep hitting our eardrums from Beelzebub’s freakishly festive party hell. They prove that rock'n'roll doesn’t need a pulse to keep beating those zombie guitar riffs into our neural party centers or tattoo them right into our hearts. Because if the world has to go down then at least to the right soundtrack. This latest album is an emotional roller coaster ride featuring emotional guitar ballads, stadium-type, cigarette lighter (Smartphone LED screen) waving hymns as well as down-and-dirty rock'n'roll party noise: songs that either tickle our tender eardrums or perforate them with piercing guitar jams. A cornucopia of musical facets that penetrate the hearing center of even the nastiest killer virus causing a feral infection. No antidote available. Canonization prohibited.

Jerx hit the charts, preached rock ‘n’ roll to 40.000 raging fans twice (Frequency Festival, Salzburgring & NRJ In The Park, Berlin) and performed more than 500 live gigs between London and the Adriatic Sea turning fans into fierce followers. And soon these fans are in for more.

In for what?
When Harii dig his teeth into the strings of his electric guitar or hammer out another head-bangers delight and Vindaloo swallow the mic knocking the heartbeat of even the most die-hard guitar fans out through their tear glands or smacking them, in true rock`n`roll fashion, right across the face while Joey Jerk from behind his drums set kicked them and the audience in the ass the fans know: these guys are serious about the apocalypse. Yet they keep on dancing breathlessly.