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Jesse Payne

Nesting Bio
Nesting is nature returning to its natural state. A homecoming. Through particles of equation, Jesse Payne and the talented group of musicians and engineers working with him have sculpted an image of what nesting may sound like. The sound of strategic calmness through its progression towards the unconditional post-war is an audio-painting of the notion, “through chaos, peace is inevitable.” The theory that the limbs of cycle spin continuously towards rehabilitation of dirt and bone provide the album with its contagious tendency for repeated listening.
Jesse Payne stems from a soil deep in the Southeastern region of the United States. He nests within scenic views of trees and mountains blending into valleys of skyscrapers and barns. Canvas for his yellow shade of timeless polaroids transposing over lake and swing suggests an inheritance of owls and their nocturnal solitude. His sound and sight each born from a landscape of heavy cotton hands and autumn chairs.
Habitation of the past four years has given three previous releases from Jesse Payne. The first being a collection of songs entitled, “Humming the Tunes of Luxury” released on November 2, 2004. Shortly after, Payne released his follow-up EP, “Ghosts in Mirrors” in 2005. During the next two years he found himself touring the eastern coastal region as far north as Boston and as far west as Chicago. Upon returning to his home in early 2007, Jesse Payne delivered the EP, “Songs from Beyond the Leaves,” which earned him a spot in The Big Takeover’s Top 40, alongside Band of Horses, Death Cab For Cutie, and Willie Nelson. His song, ‘Thief Among Us,’ also found its way on national compilations that included artists such as Ryan Adams and Sondre Lerche.
His latest LP (Nesting) being released on November 09, 2010 has brought with it, not only his past story but a familiar feeling embedded into unfamiliar sound. Jesse Payne’s haunting melodies breathe across untraditional instrumentation and military rhythm of a mathematical mind.
Jesse Payne’s team of sonic painters include optical biologist Mason Boyd, mental dendrologist Nick Timkovich, audio botanist and wave manipulator Mike Creager, and geopolitical environmentalist Noel Johnson of the renowned musical group, The White Oaks.
“Nesting” is an album that asks to be enjoyed with headphones and limited illumination.
-Jackson Trimm
Silent Crow Records