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Jim Blue

Accomplished guitarist, singer, songwriter and Reiki Master, Jim has been a musician, singer, and songwriter since his mid teens, and a Reiki Master since 2001. He wrote his first song and recorded his first record when he was only sixteen and has been committed to his love of music ever since.

Jim's most recent album release, "More Than A Dream," features 12 of his best and favorite originals. Jim recorded all instruments and vocals himself in order to have full creative and artistic direction over the project. The finished product exceeded Jim's very high expectations. It was literally more than a dream.

Jim's previous album achievements include his popular new age releases titled "Crystal Blue Tranquility" and "Meditations For Tranquility." Jim's most popular album, Crystal Blue Tranquility, was written and recorded specifically for peaceful, serene endeavors such as relaxation, meditation, massage, Reiki, bodywork and energywork. Jim loves creating heartwarming soundscapes to calm and nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Jim's Early Influences:

Jim Blue's musical experience began right around the time he was born. His mother played acoustic guitar and sang, and his father played harmonica.

His favorite childhood musical memories include classical music, movie soundtracks, Broadway musicals and, of course, enjoying hearing the heart warming, happy sounds of Mom and Dad make music in the evening after Dad got home from work.

Jim's dad worked as a master mechanic and a truck driver. When Jim was a toddler, his mother worked at home taking care and raising Jim, his younger brother Steve, and his older brother Charlie. His mother eventually took on a job in order to finance the instruments and lessons for the extremely musically talented brothers three.

When Jim was 12 he studied piano for several years and for a short time played clarinet. His brother Steve was also musically gifted and excelled at trumpet, guitar and singing. His brother Charlie played excellent piano and guitar and also sang. All three brothers would eventually play in their own bands.

Top 40, radio pop tunes caught Jim's ear but he was most fascinated with the bands who wrote memorable melodies, chord structures, and meaningful lyrics.

When Jim was 15 he was inspired to study guitar and began to practice on the old acoustic 6 string his mother had stored in the attic. The strings were rusty and the neck was warped. It was so hard to play that Jim nearly gave up guitar.

Right around that time, his brother Charlie left the nest, left his Fender guitar at home, and told Jim he could play it whenever he wanted to. Jim jumped at the chance and immediately began learning songs by ear. He began to jam with one of his buddies who was learning to play the drums.

It wasn't long before Jim formed his first top 40 band, the Outcasts. Having near perfect pitch, Jim didn't have to wait for sheet music to become available. He learned all songs quickly just by listening to them. He studied with a guitar instructor for about 6 months and decided that he could make much faster progress by teaching himself.

At the age of 16 Jim wrote and recorded his first songs. The songs were titled "She's Mine" and "Where Have They Gone." They were recorded at Cleveland Recording Studios.

The Outcasts played all the popular teen clubs as well as the popular pubs and college bars in N.E. Ohio in cities such as Kent, Cleveland, and Geneva on The Lake. Although the Outcasts split up when Jim was 18, he continued to play in various top 40 bands.

It was during this time when Jim's own personal guitar style began to emerge. He was heavily influenced by legendary rock guitarists Jimi Hendrix, Richie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

During his 20's Jim played 6 to 7 nights a week as lead guitarist and singer with highly popular bands touring the United States and even Japan.

At the age of 22, Jim competed in Boston against Berkley guitarists winning the position as lead guitarist for the number one show band on the east coast.

Jim Gets Very Serious About Songwriting:

As he approached the age of 30, Jim continued to play, but on a more part time basis so he could spend more time focusing on writing and recording his own music. Soon after, he built his own recording studio.

A decade later, Jim met Scott Turner, former director of music production for Imperial / Liberty and United Artists records which lead to Jim's collaboration with writers, producers, and publishers around the world. Jim wrote and recorded the theme song for a weekly variety show from Miami called "Hello" and continued to sharpen his songwriting craft through self study and constant writing.

The quality of Jim's songwriting skills qualified him for a seat in the exclusive Nashville "Song Camp" where he had the privilege of training and collaborating with songwriting legends Jon Ims, Angela Kaset, Hugh Prestwood, Rick Beresford, and James Dean Hicks.

Profound Musical Transformation:

In 1999 Jim was introduced to music that created a highly relaxing atmosphere. Jim was immersed in wonderfully ambient music, and that got his creativity flowing!

In 2003, Jim was inspired to record Crystal Blue Tranquility, a brilliant collection of mood-inspiring melodies and soundscapes for use in concert with activities such as relaxing, massage, meditation, Reiki, yoga, tai chi, sipping wine with a loved one, entertaining guests, or simply chillin' out. A year in the making, the ambiance that Crystal Blue Tranquility creates is everything Jim had hoped for.

In the summer of 2007, Jim released his guided meditations album, Meditations for Tranquility. This album is perfect for all levels of meditation, including beginners.

As of April 6, 2008, Jim accepted the position of featured guitarist for, the #1 Beatles website on the internet.

In December 2008, after a year and a half in the studio, Jim released "More Than A Dream" which includes twelve of his favorite original compositions and features his vocal, guitar, and songwriting virtuosity.