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Jim Gilmore

Have you ever just said, "To hell with it," and taken the day off?
Me either, but some people do, and that's what I'm trying to say: Some people do!
Do what, you ask? That's right, do what.
I've done that for a long time now and look where it's gotten me. Here; that's where.
And look who it is, You. You're here too.
So now that we've established that both you and I are here, I can tell you all about me.
Do you have a sec?
Ok, well, it all started back a long time ago when I wrote my first song at the age of five. (I think it was five. I could've been four, I can't remember exactly. It's been a long time) Anyhoo, the girls went crazy and I was hooked on the whole music thing. I can't really remember the song or just how it went but it must have had that special something. They were throwing bottles and what-not. It was great. But since then I just haven't been able to find that ol' magic like I did when I was five. Song after song, I write and write but nothing. Nothing comes close to getting the same response as my first song. God, I wish I could remember it. Not wanting to live in the past... wait, wait... oh, I almost had it there, oh, well, as I was saying, Not wanting to live in the past, I moved on.
The styles of music have changed but I was always one step behind. Every time a record company would hear one of my songs they would say something like; "Ya, well, it's pretty good but we've heard that before. Play me something I haven't heard yet. Give me a new sound, something that's fresh."
Oh, I see. You want me to come up with the new sound. Me. So what would that be exactly? I already know what you and everyone else would say.
Record guy response to new sound: "Well, that's fairly interesting... but that's not really what's selling right now." or "Ya, we're gonna go in a different direction. But good luck to you."
The laughs on them. Now that you're here, I don't need them. Heck, all I need is you. (There's a song in there somewhere) Thanks to the internet and music sites like this one I can reach dozens of people around the world to sell my music. In fact, you'd be making a stand against the music world fat cats. And let's face it, we don't need any more fat cats. Just the thought of that is crazy. Simply by you purchasing my music will throw down the gauntlet of... what... oh, heck, I don't know but it's a big gauntlet, and make a stand for the little songwriter. (That's me)

Thank you for stopping by to listen and I hope you bought enough songs to help our cause (we're in this together, you and me). Anytime you get frustrated with anyone just come to this page and buy a few Jim Gilmore songs and everything will be all better. It works for me.

A little hint: If you don't like any of my songs on the first or second time through, don't worry; I was the same way. I didn't like my songs either at first, but after listening over and over and over again they really did start to grow on me and I know it'll happen to you. So even when you think you can't listen to one more note, just keep listening, the pain will slowly go away. I promise.

Very sincerely, Jim

I hope I didn't offend and I realize that I didn't talk about what I've done in my music career but that's mainly because I don't want to talk about myself and the other is; what does it matter? I like writing music and I hope you enjoy some of what I write. The rest is... you know... a bunch of hype. I'd rather laugh with you and hope I brought a smile.
Take good care, and keep in touch.