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Joe Black

He was born in 1973 and took his first steps towards music at the age of 8, with an old classical guitar. Suddenly the passion for music arrives, leading him to continue his amateur studies with some guys of the oratory of his parish. Driven by a strong creative streak he immediately tries to compose music, avoiding covers, even if he still had no mastery of his instrument and of music as well. He had a strong desire of a band, and at the age of 14 he joins as a bassist The Dromedaries, a band of some friend of his that made its own songs. His first electric guitar, bought at the age of 14, is the legendary M24 by the old company EKO in Recanati which he still plays with much emotional attachment. He joined other local bands always as a bassist, while his guitar was his tool of composition. The desire to compose his own music led him even to buy a keyboard, but he gave up after a year, for his inability to read music, and the lack of a more professional study of that instrument. He reached the highest expression of composition at the age of 16, while playing alternatively bass and guitar with the band "The Dewey, Huey, Louie". The band produces an infinite number of songs. Some of them are part of their first demo, "The Dewey, Huey, Louie", recorded in a recording studio. They liked so much this experience that they did it again and again in the following years, releasing the demos "Evolution" and "The island of Falafel". In this last recording he was substitued at the by a friend, and he could write just 4 of the songs because he had to move to Milan, leaving the band. But he still kept loving music and, once back in Senigallia, he tried with some difficulties to reunite the old band, but the project failed shortly after. After being with some friends to the Police concert in Turin, he formed a tribute band of this legendary band and this project is still going on. He had no band to play his own music with, so he approached to the world of the sequencers. He purchased a new PC and a good sound card and began to compose music, creating his first album, all played by him and produced in his own house . The use of technology strengthens his desire to make music and to go beyond his own limits. He is producing now his first solo album, with the participation of some people who helped him realize this project. The title of his first album "The Miner's Tale" fully reflects the music that the artist has always listened to, and the progressive rock genre is for him the greatest expression of music making.