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Joel Warren

Ranching, rodeo, and singing are an important part of Joel Warren’s life. While his music has kept him distant from the ranch and the rodeo arena, these two fires’ still burn strong in his heart. He started out impersonating Elvis when he was about five or six years old, usually it was on the back of his Dad's pickup at a rodeo or at any kind of public gathering. His Dad was a champion steer wrestler. Following in his footsteps, Joel started steer wrestling, competing in the event like his father had before him.

From singing contests and open mic nights, Nebraska to Tennessee and Texas, writing his first song, teaching himself guitar, releasing a full fledged debut album and music video to fronting a five piece band, Joel Warren has progressed a great deal in a very short time. His freshman album can be summed up with one word, “true”.

It was an introduction of Joel to the music world, with a collection of songs, many he wrote himself, portraying his lifestyle and beliefs. His debut album is full of story-songs and tributes that shared who Joel was at this stage in his life. Joel has grown through the ups and downs into a much deeper and stronger person. “Being famous used to be my main motivation, but now my goal is to release good music that I love and perform live. I’ve been through some rough patches, but I'm no different than anyone else. I feel I'm a better person having experienced the array of things I have.” Joel Warren’s style of music is deeply rooted in traditional country music, with artists such as George Strait, Garth Brooks, Chris LeDoux, Mark Chesnutt, and in some instances Elvis Presley bleeding through.

Joel’s new EP is now available for his fans and on May 23, 2011 he released his second national single, “Straight Up Country,” on Wynnesong Records. “I felt I wanted to put out a song that says how firm I stand in my beliefs for traditional country music. With me being a huge 90’s Country fan, this is the perfect song to let people know what I am all about. It speaks about my way of life and I can relate to it. There should be no confusion about what brand of music I do after listening to this song, because it describes me perfectly. So, I think it’s safe to say that “Straight Up Country” is an anthem for all traditional country music fans. Having my good friend Jason Allen featured on the single is the icing on the cake. He and I do about the same brand of music and we are both firm believers in keeping it country.”

Joel still hangs his hat in Austin, TX but he is excited to get back out on the road and travel across the country visiting radio stations, playing in the honky tonks and connecting with all of his fans.

“I have always felt like I needed to be the voice for a style of music that still seems to be hanging in the balance. I think I gravitate towards the songs I do, because it's straight forward country music that people of all ages can enjoy. If you ask me what three words describe my life, my roots, my heart and my music I will say, Straight Up Country!”