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Joey Loyal

Hey what's up world, I'm Joey Loyal.

The album "GHETTO CULTURE KING - The Struggle" is a collection of songs written and recorded over a period of about nine months in total, through 2011 to 2012. Culminating a 12 year experience, living in Urban Houston, TX and then moving to Rural Madisonville, KY in mid 2012. The final song, "Give Up", was written and recorded in Madisonville. All other songs, including the Bonus track "Stupid Wild", were written and recorded in Houston.

Yea, the album was put together from a collection of about 27 songs, all written and recorded during that nine month period.

I had come to a point to where I had quite a few songs and they all described different aspects of me. Some songs were contrary to others and so on and so forth and such is life. But, those 27 songs broke down into about five ideas. Those five ideas broke down into two workable releases and three "Needs to be Produced" ideas.
The two ideas where "77045" and "GHETTO CULTURE KING - The Struggle".

"77045" was an idea that took from the aspect of an Urban Male Bachelor in the streets of Houston, TX dealing with different women and running with different cats in the city and the cause and effect of all that. And titled "77045" because that's my Home zip code in the Southside Hiram Clarke Houston, TX Almeda Plaza. Basically, showing my attitude and independent style towards my city in the 77045 idea. But the single track I selected to lead the album idea didn't have verses recorded yet and I didn't have quite enough songs to make it a full/whole feel.

The "GHETTO CULTURE KING - The Struggle" idea on the other hand was filling out really well when I had played back several songs selected from this approach. "GHETTO CULTURE KING - The Struggle" is basically taken from the perspective of a middle-aged urban male growing up in what he identifies with as "The Ghetto" and with general sensory of "not having enough to go-around" and so then "Struggling" and striving to Free from this. His story. My story.

From songs like "I Quit", that talks about the idea of quitting your job to pursue "The Dream". To pursue what one would truly desire to do with their time, rather than trading eight hours of your day just to Put Food On the Table.
To songs like "She Gives Me", where I talk about getting P***y whipped!
Every song on the album is great song, yet at the same time true issues and experiences Real People in the hood live.

I mean, I met the object of "She Gives Me" on Myspace. And come to find out, she lived two blocks down the street in my own hood. We hooked up, I met her and her cousin at the park and she came back to my crib with me. We chilled all night and she left after wake-up good-morning sex and then a shower. Real talk.
And it's all good though, because she DID come back for that "I got to get that one more time...for the road" line in the song. And following that, I wrote the song, called her over and sang it to her....while she smiled ear to ear and giggling.)

Follow the rabbit down the hole to other gems like "Miss U 2", "My Fears", and "Give Up". "My Fears" being the lead track on the album, this is Definitely one to hear 1st.* My best well written song-to-date in my eyes. One I'm very proud of. Music by Johnny Juliano of It's a beautiful look and a powerful message. LaFel me.1

So, the album "GHETTO CULTURE KING - The Struggle" is Real Talk from the one who lived every line. And Delivered it Clear for Every one who Hears. Ghetto is Real. KING is TRU. Thank you all for checking out my music and welcome to the Culture.

Sincerely, Joey Loyal.