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John Lambert

John Lambert is a Fox Valley vocalist, musician and songwriter who plays an infectious brand of pop-styled acoustic guitar rock. His songs are dominated by a melodic sensibility, lyrical cleverness and an intense sensitivity. With a long life of musical experience John brings a blend of several decades of pop and rock influences together in his all original performances.
JOHN LAMBERT is like many other singers, songwriters, musicians and producers/arrangers of the day. Striving to make and share quality CDs and music tracks on an extremely tight budget and independent from the industry parasites that have always preyed upon the musically talented.
“The 1994 Album (2009 re-mix)“ is his first CD, which is odd when two very unusual factors are considered. First, the masters for this project were recorded 15 years ago and never produced or released.
Second, at the tender age of 53, Lambert is just now beginning to release the three decades of original compositions and over 150 songs he has accumulated to the public.
JOHN LAMBERT is a long-time local Wisconsin Fox Valley musician, vocalist and songwriter. He is currently doing solo performances of his original music. John is a guitarist who handles the different techniques needed to play both acoustic and electric guitars with ease. He has been the lead guitarist for local groups in the past. Also quite handy on the keyboard, he has a great body of compositions in a piano based pop-rock style as well as many beautiful pop-ballads. He is a gifted songwriter and arranger. John is the founder of THE JL4 band which started as a venue for his music at the band's local church where John wrote and played worship music. The band eventually left the churches for more secular venues and evolved into a tight pop rock group playing Lambert‘s non-Christian material. Over the last 30 years, he has been the music director for area churches and has also led several secular music groups performing his own music in bars and clubs.