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Juggernaut Jug Band

What do you get when you blend jazz, blues ragtime, swing and original music with washboards, washtubs, kazoos, jugs and various other sundry hardware? Nothing less than the strange concoction called the JUGGERNAUT JUG BAND.

With the release of 7 C.D’s, “Jugstaposition”, “Don’t Try This At Home”, “Perhaps You Don’t Recognize Us”, “Christmas Covers”, “As We Like It”, “Live Lunch”, and their newest, “You Mean We Get Paid For This”, more and more people will be “recognizing” them. Over the years, they have appeared with Leon Russell, Arlo Guthrie, John Hartford, Jonathan Edwards, Riders In the Sky, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tom Paxton and many others.
THE JUGGERNAUT JUG BAND is: Roscoe Goose on jug, vocals, washboard, trumpet, blues harp and snare drum Skip Tracer on vocals, guitar, mandolin and banjo, Smiley Habanero on vocals, guitar, kazoo and mandolin Nick O’Time on vocals, acoustic and, washtub bass and kazoo..
While members of the band are accomplished musicians, “They don’t let virtuosity get in the way of having fun.” (Washington Post) Each performance is a challenge to the audience to have as much fun as the band. Don’t let their antics fool you though. Their exuberant music is the result of skillfully conceived arrangements and unique vocal harmonies.

Recently they have played The Kentucky State Fair (9th yr.) American Queen, Delta Queen River Boat, Caesars, Gand Victori and Argosy casinos, Master Musicians Festival, Kent State Folk Festival, Great American Music Fest (Branson, MO) Blissfest, MI, Henderson Pavilion, NV, Nat’l. Jug Band Jubilee (3rd Yr) Strawberry Folk Fest, Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, Las Vegas Jazz Festival, Dollywood, Millennium Center, B.C. Canada, Chautaugua Institution (NY), Tahoe Music Festival (NV), ArtsQuest (PA), numerous colleges and universities and appeared in “As you Like It”, Actors’ Theatre, Louisville, KY, and was selected to showcase at PAE (Performing Arts Exchange) 2000 & 2006 and CAPACOA in CANADA. They have been selected for inclusion in the KY Arts Council Performing Arts Directory (10th yr.)

What is Jug Band Music?

Jug Band music is a mixture of jazz, blues, swing and ragtime music played on washboards, wash tubs, jugs, and other conventional instruments, first played in the 1920’s. Louisville, KY claims to be the birthplace of jug music, though it was popular in many river towns along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Along with some of the great musicians and wonderful songs, there seemed to be a common thread running through the old jug bands. They were passionate about the music and it was always fun! These are the elements that are most important to the Juggernaut Jug Band. It’s why they do what they do and why they are proud to call themselves a jug band.

Public Performance Concerts:

Jug Band aficionados and neophytes alike are in for a treat as Louisville, Kentucky’s Juggernaut Jug Band delights their audience with mind-blowing musicianship, incredible harmonies and their zany sense of humor, A combination vaudeville act, musical American history lesson and one very tight band, their repertoire that spans popular and obscure tunes from the 1920’s, through 40’s, traditional jug band fare, originals and even a few rock and roll classics. A sense of fun, nostalgia, and great entertainment, The Juggernaut Jug Band delivers a musical concert like no other.

General Concert:

Designed to highlight various styles of music, from traditional jug tunes from Louisville and Memphis, to popular and obscure tunes from the 1920’s-40’s, original tunes and even parodies of contemporary favorites all spices with good natured humor . The four artists play an assortment of instruments including acoustic guitars, washtub bass, stand up bass, jugs, trumpet, harmonica, kazoos and a variety of hand-held “music makers”. In a 60 minute, 2 45 minute or 2 60 minute sets. This concert is perfect concert halls and festival situations.

A Special Holiday Concert with the Juggernaut Jug Band:

The Juggernaut Jug Band perform traditional Christmas favorites, “Jug Style “as well as parodies of popular holiday tunes all with the trademark Juggernaut harmonies, humor and energy. What better way to ring in the holidays than with this family style musical extravaganza.

Outreach Activities:

The Juggernaut Jug Band offers their educational outreach program, “Down on the Corner” for students grades K-8 . This program looks at the roots of American Jug Music as it grew up along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers during the early 1900’s, the use of homemade instruments and some of the early jugs bands. Teacher’s Study Guides are included with the program.