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Junkyard Academy

I grew up in South San Jose and my parents made sure that each of us kids in the family had a musical instrument. My brother got the Flute, the Piccolo, and finally broke down and got a guitar. My sister got Piano lessons, a Cable Nelson upright piano and, (you guessed it), she finally broke down and bought herself a KORG M1 and joined a PUNK band. As it was the Eighties, my parents ensured that I would be the coolest kid in school with a Saxophone, (virtually impossible to be cool by honking and squeaking everywhere), so you guessed it...I stole my brother's guitar and as they say, the rest is history...except for the fact that the damn thing broke in half and I was without one for a good solid 20 years.

Talk about being a starving musician, I didn't even have a guitar!

Flash forward - for my "mid-life" Birthday my wife gives me a Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar, (which I have converted to Electric/Acoustic and had it set up to play like a Martin). My sister's KORG M1 sits six feet to my left as I type this, and my 1997 Guild Bluesbird semi hollow body (black w/white trim) sits behind me. It would be one thing for my wife to give me the guitar and let that be that, but she genuinely supports what I do with the music; So much so, she even gave me a kidney - yep - she's my life saver and the inspiration behind a lot of the songs I write and sing...but not the breakup songs. Despite our happy marriage, I'm just ironically drawn to the subject .

I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy living the life they're about....more of 'em...

Sing, Dance, Live....

-Junkyard Academy