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Letting the Slang Out In the New CD Titled "Resurreccion" (resurrection)
K1 is the new sensation in Latin pop/latin Rap/Hip-Hop music, fusing rhythms and cultures
in their music as much as in their looks and performances. Originally from Illinois,
the band has the boy-next-door appeal and a powerful musical formula that mixes
Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Vallenato, Salsa and Reggaeton. Their style transcends the
usual thump-thump of pop songs to deliver what is not only the new sound of
Mexican-American mainstream music but the entire Latino culture. Kingz One is
the new name for a group of young and passionate performers who had their first
taste of fame and popularity as members of million-selling, award-winning
Kumbia Kings. The existing members of Kingz One helped that group rise to the
K1’s following throughout the United States remains consistent, with packed
performances, incessant screams from adoring fans, and mass hysteria reserved for
true musical phenomenon. This was the case during their autograph sessions
and performances in Texas, Florida, Phoenix, California and many other places
including Mexico City. Their sizzling hot single, "A Que Te Pongo (I Bet I’ll Make
You)”, followed a flowing pattern throughout the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico
becoming oblivious to national borders and languages, and behaved like a
spontaneous international hit.
The first album, Nuestro Turno, was released on February 10, 2004 and showed
great acceptance at retail, with fans briskly snapping it up. The band has now
resurfaced in 2011, after a 7 year hiatus, to bring the Kumbia music to the fans.
Resurreccion (resurrection) is the title of K1’s new CD and
includes 10 original songs penned by the band members. The rhythms go from the
party-essential “Kon La Musika” and “Rompe el suelo” to the beautifully crafted
“Baby Yea” & "Manana,Manana".
K1 have begun to pave a new road for themselves and demonstrate their
capabilities. Their extensive music talent and knowledge has been learned
throughout years of determination and incredible breakthrough work that will,
without a doubt, turn the music industry on its head.
Alexandro “Alex” Ramirez, keyboard player, writer, choreographer, producer, and
creator of the infamous ‘birdcall’, states, “The doors opened for us at OLE music in
2004, in whom we found incredible experience and the direction we needed to
forge a great career.
We must not forget our family of musical influences, including our mother, Maria
Luisa G. Ramirez, and all of our cousins and relatives. Our message is, if
something comes from your heart nothing can hold you back!”.
Rolando “Roy” Ramirez, also known as “Slim Spigga”, adds, “I play percussion,
sing lead/back-up vocals and rap. My uncles, Gavino and Tony Guerrero are two
of our biggest musical influences. They were the lead singers of one of the seminal
and most important bands in Tejano music, La Sombra".
Slim and his brother Alex were born in Aurora, Illinois, and have resided in Texas
since 1988. He emphasizes, “they say I’m crazy when on stage entertaining our
fans, but I really don’t care”. Slim Spigga rapped with groupo Los Super Reyes and
also on the mega-hit A" Que Te Pongo(I Bet I’ll Make You)" and has lived up to
that message in K1’s new CD.
He has also rapped in other collaborations such as the Kumbia Kings multiplatinum
hit “Shhh!” and “Soy Asi” from the ever-popular Alica Villareal and
Grupo Limite. Hisvoice and slang are the staple of K1 music. He states, “Our
music has always beenfor our people, for our fans to celebrate and dance to
Latin pop,Reggaeton, Urbana, Regional Mexicano, Tejano, Bachata and Latin Kumbia style
Collaborations and Features with Frankie J. "Si Me Queres Tu",
DJ.kane "Dame" and La Conquista Girlz "kon La Musia"and respectfully Prime Staus "Tsunami" and Trilo-fromTrilogy Mafia.
They are young, Latin, handsome, humble, talented, responsible and devoted to the
art of music. It is truly their turn to share the richness of their cultural and musical
flavor with the world. The album will mark a new chapter in Latin music and offer
a fresh new look at the tantalizing and promising future that awaits K1.
The Dallas Morning News claims, “they are the new Kingz on the block”.