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About KWA®

KWA is an abstract multimedia artist specializing in UltraSonic Illuminations℠*. His
challenging compositions are designed to cut through the matrix of deceit and thought
control propagated by Mass Media. Ironically the artist often exploits the apparatuses of
propaganda (frequencies from radio, television, satellite... transmissions) toward this end.

Utilizing experimental methods, KWA creates stratums of abstract aural and optical
stimuli in an attempt to shift the Gestalt consciousness of his audience. The artist often
embeds oratory highly contrarian to the belief systems promulgated by the Anglo-
American Establishment. This urges the listener to question the mechanics of the world
in which we live and the very nature of perception itself.

*KWA has created the phrase UltraSonic Illuminations to more effectively express the
objective of these unique works. Ultrasonic meaning beyond the range of Human aural
perception and Illuminations meaning enlightenment. While ample elements of these
works can certainly be perceived (Sonics), it is the intended experience (an experience
beyond what is heard), the artist seeks to define with this phrase.
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