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Kalamare Beat Club

Idiosyncratic, filmic, multi-layered. Kalamare Beat Clubs influences are rooted in rock, surf, electronica ... and secret agent movies. Their eponymous full-length debut moves unimpeded between treacherous atmospherics, tinged with musical saw and melodica, to violent outbursts dominated by brutal guitars. The result is 39 minutes of pure instrumental drama.

Our debut album is released on Wiretap Recordings!

It's available in reputable record stores in Sweden (ie not many) or via our Website!

Here are a few reviews! :

Febr 2007
Kalamare Beat Club - s/t
(Wiretap Recordings)
Memo to anyone planning to make a half-serious quaalude-influenced science fiction spy movie set on a beach (and featuring squid?): Here is your soundtrack. This instrumental record has hints of surf and spy music of the James Bond variety, but it's all stretched out slow and spacious, spacious enough that even when it's not slow, it feels slow. It's kind of cool in the slightly groovy but non-demanding retro futuristic atmosphere it sets, and it makes good background music while deeply immersed in something else, but it's hard to imagine really getting into this CD. They do get major bonus points for sampling the wonderful 1960s TV series "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.", but they're neither fun nor engaging enough themselves to merit being sampled 40 years on.
- Nancy Baym

Nov 2006
Kalamare Beat Club

'Kalamares full-length debut sounds as though The Shadows had smoked way too much grass and then decided to compose the first best issue of Agent X9. Not to say that it is in any way bad, rather way-out and innovative. Influences from the '60's instrumental groups, ska and old spy films are thrown together freely. The songs often begin kind of carefully only to gradually increase in intensity and power. It shows that the band members are skilful musicians, and I am most impressed by Ola Elmquist's drumming. It gives the songs an extra dimension and together with the mangling guitars and howling musical saw the band creates a wholly unique sound.' Thomas Rödin

--Trots Allt--
Kalamare Beat Club
'Instrumental secret agent-music that feels like some kind of modern soundtrack to the classic western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.' Erik Wärlegård

--Tidningen Kulturen--
Artist: Kalamare beat club
Titel: Kalamare beat club
Skivbolag: Wiretap recordings

'Mystical atmosphere.
This record is very difficult to compare with anything else. You could call it instrumental-music, but it's not like anything else I have heard. The melodies are sometimes reminiscent of music in spy films, or police TV series, like the soundtrack to someone sneaking around on dark streets searching for a criminal.
Loads of different instruments are used, but what sticks out most and gives the band its special character is the musical saw, which appears frequently. Its singing melody provides a slightly mystical atmosphere.
...a band that dares to stick out and make a kind of instrumental music not cut from the same cloth as everything else.
Krister Mörtsell