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Kalio Gayo

Kalio Gayo - Global parti folk

Kalio Gayo’s dances are boundless. Acoustic instruments combined with samples, beats and a universal language. Exploring and discovering on an endless musical trip. Catchy songs with intense vocals and gripping tunes. Drums, double bass, guitar, banjo, accordion, synthesizer and samples mixing folky themes from east and west with rock, ska and a touch of latin and reggae. Kalio Gayo meets the world with rebellious optimism and parti y prije. (party and tears)

Kalio Gayo’s latest EP ‘Orok’ is a lyrical and melodic collage. Orok is everyone, Orok can be everywhere. Orok is a mission.
.... there is no such thing as the wrong country, the wrong color or the wrong name, we share the same future, bright or grim, east and west, the same …

Band members
Renske Das - lead vocals, accordion
Anja Pleit - guitar, banjo, vocals
Sijmen Hendriks - electric upright bass
Joost Bos - drums

Orok (2017) | Drango 13 (2014) | Parti y Prije (2011) | Mei ti sera foun (2008) | Kort (2007) | Fearless (2004) | Dusra (2002) | Tserko (1999)