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«Kamaedzitca» is a Belarusian folk pagan fest of bear’s awakening, Mother-Nature’s blossom, and the vernal equinox.

The history of band begins in 2000. That time Luty (lyrics / vocals, folk instruments) decided to create a band named KAMAEDZITCA. Since that moment the searching for musicians had been going on till the summer 2002. Stanislav B. (drums) was the first one who found it interesting and supported the idea. At the same time Baruta Chorny (guitars, keyboards) joined the band. The first rehearsal took place at the end of the August 2002. Then the work was started. Belimir (bass) and B.V. (guitars) joined the KAMAEDZITCA. When the end of autumn the first concert set was played off. Andrey L. came instead of Stanislav, but after the second concert Fiodar Z. relieved Andrey L.
In the autumn 2003 the demo CD «Pachatak Svyata» («Beginning of the Fest») was recorded, it involved 5 songs.
In the spring of 2004 Vedzislau Liha came as a new drummer. This staff of KAMAEDZITCA recorded the debut full-length CD «Dzeci Lesu» («The Children of Forest») which consisted of 9 songs and a cover of the GODS TOWER’s song.
Then was a contract with the Strong Music Production. The album was selling in Belarus and Russia in general. But some copies had a success in the Ukraine, England, Czech Republic and Germany, too.
The active concert work started after the debut album, and new musical program was in process. In 2005 the «Dzeci Lesu» («The Children of Forest») clip was shot out.
When the autumn 2006 the band started recording of the new material which had being prepared for 2 years (2005-2006). At the spring 2008 the second CD «Pyarune» was released. The 14 new songs of the band were presented in unchangeable Belarusian pagan-metal style.
During the 5 years period (2003-2007) the band had been playing in Minsk, Brest, Polotsk, Gomel, Vitebsk, Rechitsa, Mogilyov, Grodno, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Cherkasy and Evpatoriya.
The KAMAEDZITCA were interviewed a lot by Belarusian and foreign mass media and participated in various musical compilations of many countries.
In 2008 the band ceased the work with next musicians: Vedzislau Liha (drums), Baruta Chorny (guitars, keyboards), Belimir (bass) and a concert soundmaker. Since November 2008 the KAMAEDZITCA are B.V. (guitars, bass, keyboards / music) and Luty (lyrics / vocals). The band’s style is sXe-Pagan-NS – a way of life of the band two participants.
Due to the incomplete staff the concert activity is temporary stopped.
Since the July 2009 the record of the third full-length album and preparing of the DVD has been started. Also KAMAEDZITCA is working on two joint songs with the Polish musician Olaf Jasinski for release «Trzymaj sie Bracie / Stay Strong Brother» which is dedicated to Janusz Walus. The band takes part in a TEMNOZOR covers compilation. Besides, KAMAEDZITCA participates in the «Support P.O.W. Worldwide» and APRAXIA covers compilations.
Ukrainian label GRIFFIN MUSIC has re-released the album «Pyarune» with new art work.
Russian label LESOSKOG have released KAMAEDZITCA demo-2003+dvd-2005. Also LESOSKOG have re-released the albums «The Children of Forest» and «Pyarune» which now got new design.
In November 2010 ceased work with the musician B.V.
22.11.2010 joined a new musician A. (guitars, bass, keyboards). In January 2011 the work on the 4-th LP started.
06.11.11 two LP «Loyalty» and «The man of the planet» released.
20.05.12 «voiceless are your words» FL album is out.
02.10.12 presentation of a new song that was written for the MMA tournaments «The Warrior Spirit» which are organized by the youth wear & sports equipment brand WHITE REX (
13.11.12 «TRIEDINSTVO» («TRIUNITY») split is out (KOLOVRAT (Russia), ARYA VARTA (the Ukraine), KAMAEDZITCA (Belarus)).