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Kaotis Infinitum

Kaotis Infintum began as a three piece in October of 2004. The three Orange County locals, Anthony Pedersen, Sean Ferrell, and Andrew Strother, formed the grindcore band after finding themselves stuck in Southern Utah with nothing to do. After playing together for two days, they decided to call themselves “Kaotis Infinitum” because they thought it meant “Infinite Chaos” in Latin. It didn’t, but they recorded a demo anyway, which they titled “The Magnum Whey.”
After a few shows, Anthony Pedersen moved back to California, leaving Sean and Andrew scrambling for a new member. And they scrambled up two. They found Dave St. George and Chase Covington, both Cedar City, Utah natives. At the end of a brief tour during the summer of 2005, Dave’s younger sister Raeschel joined the band.
However, in December of 2005, Dave and Chase left the band to move to northern Utah. Andrew, Sean, and Raeschel brought Matt Guzman and Smashley aboard as replacements. Now at the top of their game, and playing shows constantly, the band was devastated when founding member Sean left due to increasing school and work duties.
After two empty, lopsided shows without Sean, he was replaced with Kraig Krashowetz. At end of the summer 2006, Raeschel moved up north with her brother and was replaced in the band by Shayne Smith. In November, these five decided the world had waited long enough and recorded Kaotis Infinitum's first full-length album, “It’s Like Getting Punched By Two Bears.” Released in December 2006, the album met only moderate success.
The band was back on life support once again when Smashley and Kraig quit in May 2007. Matt moved to northern Utah not long after. Andrew, the last original member, soldiered on, trying to keep the band alive. He was rewarded in June of 2007 when Dave St. George said he was interested in rejoining the band, along with friends Jordan Paul and Jacob Forbes. Filled with new life and gayer than ever, Kaotis Infinitum continued to destroy their critics everywhere. Their new album, “Boys Night,” released in August 2009, can be described as drinking wet cement. Jacob and Jordan left the band in the wake of “Boys Night.” Andrew and Dave recruited Cedar City locals Tony Anocibar and Josh Klimoski into the band to begin the fifth and most anticipated version of KI.
KI 5.0 failed gloriously; they played as many shows as they could, and canceled as many tours as they booked. In 2010, this lineup recorded KI’s fourth album, “This Is Our Work and Our Glory,” before Tony and Josh moved out of state. Because of course.
With an indomitable spirit, Dave and Andrew started playing shows as “Ripley & the Xenomorphs” and released two albums. 2013 saw the release of “Heavy Metal Vomit Party” and 2014 brought “Get Away From Her, You Bitch.” 2014 also brought on the 10th anniversary of KI and the release of a 50-track live retrospective, “Jump The Shark.”

KI 1.0
Anthony Pedersen : Drunk
Sean Ferrell : Businessman
Andrew Strother : Maniac

KI 2.0
Sean Ferrell : Keyboard
Andrew Strother : Vocals
Dave St. George : Drums
Chase Covington : Guitar
Raeschel : Bass

KI 3.0
Andrew Strother : Vocals
Matt Guzman : Guitar
Smashley : Drums
Kraig Krashowetz : Keyboard
Shayne Smith : Bass

KI 4.0
Andrew Strother : Vocals
Dave St. George : Drums
Jordan Paul : Guitar
Jacob Forbes : Keyboard

KI 5.0
Andrew Strother : Vocals
Dave St. George : Drums
Tony Anocibar : Guitar
Josh Klimoski : Bass

Ripley & the Xenomorphs[???]