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Kdz: Kripalu Drummers

The Kripalu Drummers have played at Kripalu (based in the Berkshire region of the Northeastern U.S.) for over 3 decades. The evolution of the drummers has seen many forms, yet none as long lasting as the current formation of band members. This formation has been performing together since the year 2000 with only one new recruit, Allison Gemmel Laframboise, who has been with the band since 2006.

Drumming has been a part of Kripalu Center since the latter half of the 1980’s. Originally instituted by some of the dance teachers who wanted to add a drumming component to their classes, these primal rhythms managed to move instructors and participants in more ways than one.

As a result, drumming became a formal offering at Kripalu. It was through this avenue that the members of KDZ first came in contact with one another. We started by drumming together for classes at the Center’s famous Saturday Danskinetics™ sessions. Soon we were asked to do concert performances – at Kripalu, drum circles and other venues in the surrounding area, eventually leading to yoga & drumming programs, weddings, kirtans, birthday parties... and much more.

People started requesting copies of the group’s music that they could actually take home with them - that’s where KDZ’s recording career began back in 2002. These efforts culminated into our 1st album, KDZ Live. A recording from 3 concerts at Kripalu center.

Our newest Album, Slang Rhythm Speak is a completely self recorded and produced album, right from our own recording studio. We are continuing along the path we've forged, and also including a healthy mix of tradition and innovation.

Quotes about KDZ's Music & CD's

Now you can dance the magic of Kripalu in your own living room with KDZ’s rousing and varied rhythms. A great way to rock your chakras awake and stimulate your inner serpent.
- Anodea Judith

I love every cell of KDZ and the shaktified rhythms that come through them. This CD is a must for yoga, movement & living freedom.
- Shiva Rea

"Totally Intense." - Bhagavan Das

"Lots of enthusiasm and GREAT energy!" - John McDowell (Rusted Root Drummer)

Over the past five years, I've seen KDZ grow into a very sophisticated musical force here at Kripalu. This CD captures KDZ's inspiring variety and spontaneity--and I guarantee that when you hear it you will be compelled to get up and dance! I was!
- Stephen Cope

I've found my new workout cd. Thanks KDZ!
- Vandita

Joyous and bright, Slang Rhythm Speak will keep you dancing through your day!
- Bhavani Lorainne Nelson

For over 12 years I have celebrated dance, drumming and transformation with KDZ and they have been such a consistent part of my own healing experience. Now I get to share them and their magic to women in my retreats. They just keep getting better and better.
- Sierra Bender

Welcome to KDZ's living room! You will laugh, move, maybe even cry with the passion and fun emanating from the hands of these drummers and musicians. Real music made by real people not afraid to set their hearts, and ours, on fire.
- Mark Kelso

KDZ knows how to take great musical performance and make a great recording out of it. Check out their new CD!
- Russill Paul

KDZ is without a doubt my favorite drumming team in the world. KDZ's first album was fabulous, this second one is even better - if possible. You can't sit still and listen to KDZ; they MAKE you get up and move! They're the best!
- Megha Nancy Buttenheim

KDZ is my new Theme Music! Grrrrrrr.....
- The one and only: Mr. T

KDZ's drumming is a prescription that every health insurance plan should provide!
- Chico Valentine

Whenever I hear Cassa.. I can't sit still, I need to boogie.
- Amber LaGess

"magically, smiling becomes inevitable, the hips swing and loop, the breath deepens, energy soars, and in this moment, all is well... "

"A powerful drumming CD that will appeal to all lovers of high energy drum music" - Glen Velez

"Totally Intense." - Bhagavan Das

"I never come to Kripalu without bringing in KDZ to my workshops!" - Shiva Rea

"KDZ respects the tradition and 'Rocks the House' at the same time! This disc is great for listeners and dancers. Full of exuberance and ache." - Sam Holmstock (Entrain)

"Better than 10 Years of Therapy!" - Dr. Richard Gretz, Ph.D

“If the fast-paced, intense drumming of KDZ doesn't get your blood pumping, you might want to visit a doctor. This 7-man Massachusetts-based ensemble presents 80 minutes of impressive percussion; nothing synthesized or keyboard-based here - these are raw, primal rhythms that draw their influence from Africa and the Caribbean. The album was recorded live at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA. As such, the ambient sounds of an enthusiastic crowd can be heard in the backdrop. The rhythms are surprisingly complex, with a high energy level and a respect for ancient traditions. The urge to dance is strong with this release - it's unlikely that you'll make it through the album's 80 minute running time without at least breaking a sweat.” - Music Design, Inc.

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