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Kevin McAdams

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Kevin McAdams (member of Elefant) writes and sings upbeat melodic pop songs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. For fans of ELO, Brian Wilson, Grandaddy, Sparks, and The Magnetic Fields.

Produced by Kevin McAdams (Elefant) and Mod Alien (Elefant and Radio 4).

Art Direction by Brian Walters (Astralwerks Records, Instinct Records).


"It’s always a bit of a nail-biter when a [vocally] silent drummer from a band steps up to the mic on his own. You figure A) he felt hidden back there behind his rig, behind his band, and is using said band’s momentum to take a questionable moment up front, or B) maybe he actually has something to say? With Kevin McAdams’ first solo release, "It’s My Time to Lose My Mind", it’s definitely the latter – and you wonder why he was silent up until now?

The album kicks off with the kind of beat that challenges your hands to keep from fingerdrumming…and the feeling sticks around for 11 kickass pop songs. And when I say “pop,” I don’t mean it in the way that might make me cringe…no, in this case I mean it in the catchy, need-to-play-it-again way. After a few listens, it feels like you could have known these songs since high school. The lyrics are clever and really resonate – I listened to “Leave Us Alone” on repeat the first time I heard it just to catch what he was saying, and nod my head in agreement.

“My Time” grabs me, too. The lyrics bring the point home of one seriously frustrated guy about to snap, but it’s not done in the screeching-vocals-and-howling-guitars way that so many songs with a similar theme are. Rather, McAdams’ voice remains super calm and cool, allowing the urgency and panic to come through from the awesomely staccato beat. “Turn The Lights Off” ends the album with a more energized but similar plan – and it’s one of my favorite tracks.

Overall, it’s the combination of bright pop beats and multi-layered instrumentation backing that cool voice – he’s not desperate to make you hear him, he’s just letting you know what’s up – that really keep you coming back for another listen. The man can drum, I’ve seen him play, but this album is proof that it’s definitely (yep, I’ll say it…) "his time"."

-S. Weiss - GoRockOut


I'd Like to Write a Happy Song

Drummers in the spotlight? It brings on the inevitable and usually not well-intentioned comparison to a certain Richard Starkey. But being the huge Jellyfish fans we are at Too Poppy, we know just how much of a creative force drummers can be.

Case in point: Kevin McAdams. Kevin is the drummer for the well-liked NYC indie band Elefant and for whatever reason, Kevin felt an urge to get out from behind the skins and record his own album. We're the better for it.

I'm struck immediately by the similarities to Jason Falkner - big sound, bigger melodies, great lyrics. And while Jason fumbles around with Japanese releases and long-delayed domestic albums, we can satiate our hunger for delicious yet nutritious pop by engorging on It's My Time To Lose My Mind over and over and over again. Just try and resist all the "la-las" on this album!

Unlike Falkner who logically puts his guitar front and center, McAdams does what you'd expect a drummer to do - he gets all rhythmic on our asses and plugs in the keyboard to boot! This adds a delightfully retro feel ala ELO and sets you into a groove you'll be hard-pressed to get out of. In fact, Leave Us Alone would fit perfectly on the excellent LEO album from two years ago. The production is clean and the songs well-crafted. And in a rarity these days, it's an album that gets stronger with each song and with every listen. It's hard to pick standouts in a sea of standouts, but A Different Kind of Love Song and My Time are sure to make it in my iPod's heavy rotation.

But right when you think you have this guy figured out, he gets HEAVY on the final track, Turn the Lights Off. Awesome. Believe it or not, that particular track makes me imagine what Tool would sound like with some melodic influence from Marilyn Manson. Then again, perhaps my senses are swirling after listening to one of the best albums I've heard all year. I can't wait to listen to it again.

-Lee - Too Poppy Blog


I'd really love to play, "The Bannerman Nightmare", and "Hourglass"!

- John Richards at KEXP


NYC's Kevin McAdams, if nothing else, is going to have one of the top tracks of 2009 when I compile that particular year-end list. "Start Over Again", which opens the disc, is a joyous ELO-styled number that's catchy as hell and which would probably make Bleu jealous. The rest of the album ain't bad either, as McAdams manages to stay on the baroque side of indie pop. The pensive "Us vs World" and "A Different Kind of Love Song" find their way into Beck/Grandaddy territory, while the manic "The Bannerman Nightmare" and "Leave Us Alone" will delight Bryan Scary fans. A promising debut.

- AbsolutePowerPop Magazine


I not only love this song ("A Different Kind of Love Song"), but I love this album. I've been listening to it non-stop since I got it. I'd say it's Grizzly Bear meets the Pernice Brothers. The whole album is fantastic.

-J. Lyons - Podcast #63


Great debut record! This guy is very talented.

-DJ Jeff - KSCU 103.3 FM


With Elefant guitarist Mod Alien on board as producer, this enjoyable album is a fine blend of powerpop, new wave and post-punk influences and styles, with an emphasis on catchy melodies throughout. McAdams primary instrument here is keyboards and without degenerating into fey Keane/Coldplay histrionics, McAdams utilizes different keyboard sonic approaches in a fashion recallin the likes of Todd Rundgren, Ivy, Paul McCartney, Grandaddy and the Cars.

There’s a freewheeling, devil-may-care, eclecticism in memorable tracks like Start Over Again, The Bannerman Nightmare, Hourglass, Small Town Livin’ and the like. Fans of modern-day D-I-Y pop masters like Jason Falkner, Jon Brion and Brendon Benson will thrill to Kevin McAdams.

-Kevin - Power of Pop


You never know what the result is going to be when a drummer takes command of doing a project himself but Kevin McAdams is more than up to the task and Not Lamers can rejoice that he`s a man concerned with pulling out strong , steady melodies and hooks. In fact, some of these songs bring out influences that prop up the eyes of many of us here, in particular Jason Falkner and "Redhead"-era Bleu.

-Bruce - Notlame Records


Kevin McAdams – It’s My Time To Lose My Mind – Very good release from this guy, the drummer from Elefant. It blends a nice pop sensibility with a bit of electronic elements thrown in. While the key to this album is the interesting and catchy songs, the electronic soundscape adds a nice dimension beneath it all.

-Kingwart - Pop Underground Magazine


Big Thumbs Up to Kevin McAdams! He's my Featured Artist.

-Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag Podcast


An annual tradition on the Power Pop Show since 1999, the last Friday show in December has the coveted honor of counting down the best albums of the year. As we head into a new decade in just a matter of weeks, I also felt it appropriate to highlight the PP Show's favorite albums of the past decade.

Listmania!! Download the Podcast at…

*** BEST ALBUMS OF 2009 ***

1. BRENDAN BENSON – My Old Familiar Friend
One of my long-standing criteria for a favorite album is not one dull or half-assed song from start to finish. Benson’s latest certainly lives up to that standard. Quality, smart, well-crafted and supremely melodic power pop from top to bottom here!

2. NINJA GUN – Restless Rubes

This Atlanta area band completely came out of left field with this bombastic, superbly-crafted debut. Lots of Southern twang a little bit of grit and plenty of sublime melodies abound.

****3. KEVIN McADAMS – It’s My Time To Lose My Mind****

New Jersey solo artist and drummer for NYC band Elefant has crafted an impressive debut solo record…full of crafty pop, new wave and Britpop textures and electronic noodling to spice up the mix.

4. PAUL STEEL – Moon Rock

18-year old UK kid crafts his first “Pet Sounds” in his bedroom and gets testimonials from some big-hitters. Utterly unbelievable.

5. ROGER KLUG - More Help For Your Nerves

Shades of Roger Manning, Steve Eggers, Bleu, Mike Viola, etc.

It’s all there!! Amazing, smart, uber-crafty pop from this Cincinnati guitar wiz!

6. METRIC – Fantasies

This Canadian four-piece charged out of the gates this album. Full-throttle, electronic and new wavey rock gems with plenty of punch softened by the confident, yet sublime croon of vocalist Emily Haines.


When I heard Taylor Hanson was fronting this band of power pop all stars I was a little dubious. They probably could have picked someone better, but it still works.

8. THE SHAZAM – Meteor

I’ll admit after a 7-year hiatus I was expecting to be blown away. While not as strong as their predecessors, this long-awaited release is an impressive romp of pounding rock and power pop.

9. HOT LEG - Red Light Fever

Former Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins cleaned up, sobered up, but has not lost his Rock n Roll mojo. I still miss The Darkness - but this is the next best thing!

10. GRAND ATLANTIC – How We Survive

Just in under the wire (only been living with this album for December) but it’s a corker! This Aussie band delivers warm, rich guitar pop textures, full of raspy sublime melodies.


12. THE HUMBUGS – On The Upside

13. JASON FALKNER – All Quiet on the Noise Floor



16. CHEAP STAR – Speaking Like an Elephant

17. BOB MOULD – Life and Times

18. THE RIFLES – Great Escape

19. GREEN DAY – 21st Century Breakdown

20. WILCO – Wilco, The Album

Honorable Mentions…



BAD LIEUTENANT – Never Cry Another Tear




MINUS 5 - Killingsworth

GRIZZLY BEAR - Vekatimest

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