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Korova is a hardcore band from Birmingham, AL most known for strong stances against racism and commercial corruption in punk rock, they disbanded in 2006 and began playing again in late 2008. The band lists influences as diverse as the typical hardcore fodder of the Dead Kennedys, Fear, and Warzone to more modern hardcore like I Object! and Skate Korpse, to 90s powerviolence like Spazz. The band also lists several influences that are hard to pick out in their sound including the Smiths, the Specials, and Desmond Dekker. Their recorded output during the bands original run was limited to two locally influential EPs, Ultra Violence and It's Already Begun (on their own Victimized Records), and several releases on compilations. Both EPs were limited to several hundred hard copies, because the band preferred to distribute the music for free via the internet.

Their second EP contained the tracks "Let's Kill Some Klansmen Tonight", which received heavy play on local radio shows, as well as "Nazis Ruined Shaved Heads", which received national attention when it appeared on two compilation albums released in the United States, most notably the Streets of America CD on the New York label United Riot Records. The song "Nazis Ruined Shaved Heads" later appeared on a bootleg CD entitled Nazis Make Good Targets that was released in Slovenia in 2005. A third recording session produced several songs that never saw official release, and yet a fourth recording session for what was to become their first full-length, and the only tracks not self-recorded by the band, was canned for being "over produced". The band remarked in an interview that they "were together for a for years and then broke up, like thousands of hardcore bands before us and thousands still to come."

The band's most important contribution locally was the booking company they ran, Victimized Productions (an extension of Victimized Records), that booked a large number of underground bands in Birmingham with Korova playing for free or next to free to help touring bands make ends meet while on the road. The band booked shows for I Object, Bones Brigade, Demented Are Go (UK), Session 8 (Italy), and the Vibrators (UK) among others.

A 7" vinyl record of remastered material was released a year after the band's last show in Birmingham, Alabama. The record was limited to 500 copies and titled If There is a Future…. The songs were remastered by Carl Snow of the early Tennessee hardcore band Koro. The record was received well and got good reviews in several magazines including Maximum Rock n Roll and Razorcake, but the band chose a marketing campaign that quoted a very negative review from the music web site that said the record "stinks of being punk and DIY just like the old days."

Members also played in the bands Blood Guts Destruction, Slag, No Price Paid, Everyman, Sick of Talk, and Government for Hire (Chicago).

In late 2008, Korova reformed and played a reunion show. A month later, they entered the studio and recorded Another Happy Customer, their first full length album. The album was released in November 2008.