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baby sounds for pets

Kristen Overdurf-Abud

A pet lover since childhood, Kristen Overdurf Abud grew up with cats, fish, guinea pigs and rabbits, but always wanted a dog. Her first “baby” was a cute Chihuahua named Fred. As a responsible pet owner, she did all the right things to care for him from training to ensuring good health - proper shots and diet - along with lots of love and affection. When she became pregnant, it was only natural for Fred to be her first thought. She wanted to help him with the significant change to come. Kristen researched and studied everything - remedies such as flower essence, training techniques, and more - and discovered that hearing the actual sounds that come with a baby (crying, laughing, cooing, etc.) and would ultimately take over the home, was the best preparation she could offer Fred. A professional in the entertainment industry, Kristen easily cast and recorded infants and toddlers making several types of baby sounds and the Baby Sounds for Pets.