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Damn Good Neurotherapy

Kristine Kreska

Kristine is a Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master, Thai Yoga Practitioner (CTP II) and Deeksha Giver. In 2010, she was formally initiated into the sacred Dao (or Tao). She completed the Oneness Awakening Course in the tradition of the Oneness University in India. As a certified Deeksha Giver, she can initiate a Oneness Deeksha Blessing. The Oneness Blessing is the transfer of energy that initiates the journey into higher states of consciousness. Her interest in the healing arts began in 1997 during a 10 day power journey trip to Teotihuacan, Mexico hosted by Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the New York Times best selling book, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS. Since then, Kristine continues to learn a variety of techniques and modalities to integrate into her practice. She further sharpened her insight meditation practice at the Vipassana Center in Joshua Tree, CA living 10 days in noble silence with 300 participants. Combining this knowledge from all sources, she created an audio meditation series to give people practical self help tools they can do at home. While her free time is now spent in the healing arts and entertainment, Kristine spent over a decade in the corporate world as an executive in various industries. So, she totally understands your stress, work and family issues that go along with responsibility.

Five minutes of stress suppresses the immune system for up to six hours. Release your stress now! Your physical health is connected to your emotional health. Choose to get well now.

Kristine’s guided meditation series is designed to help people experience their own path of self-discovery through a specific methodology and instructional exploration techniques. Kreska combines brainwave frequencies with traditional hypnosis and meditation techniques for the listener to fully relax, opening the door to the subconscious mind and become open to new information or ideas.

Kreska describes her own recordings as practical and easy for anyone to experience the benefits of meditation… or just plain relax! When people have a private or emotional issue to deal with, sometimes a therapist or friend or co-worker is not the best solution. You need to find these answers within yourself. When people have an audience, they fear criticism in the discussion. Remember, therapists can’t tell you what to do. You need to find your own answers anyway. Just close your eyes and put on headphones. That’s it! Kristine selects topics that almost anyone can practically apply to their life. The purpose of her meditations is for people to find their own peace of mind and their own solutions -- like being your own therapist without a time limit to your session. Empower yourself !

The meditation recordings contain brainwave entrainment frequencies. Brainwave entrainment frequencies help you take down the barriers within your own mind and allow you to re-program your subconscious mind. Real change comes from changes in the subconscious. Think of your brain as a computer and you are upgrading your operating system with better information.

About brainwave entrainment frequencies:
When your brain hears the frequencies, it shifts into that frequency as it tries to match it. You will feel the shift as you become calm and relaxed.

Gamma waves: Frequencies between 25 and 100 Hz. Typical is greater than 40 Hz. Usually associated with higher mental activity, higher perception, problem solving, fear and consciousness. Buddhist monks are known to meditate while in Gamma.

Beta waves: Frequencies between 13 and 39 Hz. Usually associated with active or anxious thinking or active concentration, arousal or cognition.

Alpha waves: Frequencies between 7 and 13 Hz. Usually associated with relaxation while still awake, drowsiness before sleep or waking in the morning.

Theta waves: Frequencies between 4 and 7 Hz. Usually associated with deep meditation, dreams and REM sleep.

Delta waves: Frequencies less than 4 Hz. Usually associated with very deep dreamless sleep and loss of body awareness.