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LOOPING jaw harp orchestra

All but toothless
The basic idea behind this project is to consistently replace typical guitar parts by more than three dozen jaw harps. They are played either distorted for electric guitar sound, or clean. Is it rock, or jazz? Is it world music, or folk punk? Who cares? Powerful and vigorous, the LOOPING jaw harp orchestra still does not neglect the tender young leaves and bizarre creatures in the jungle of music.

LOOPING started in 2007 as a one-man project by Ing. LOOP [pronounced: engineer loop], with the album Gitarren, nein danke! [Guitars? Thanks, but no thanks!]. For the second album Elephant Road, Ing. LOOP asked old and new friends to join him for a sweeping sound experience.

Ing. LOOP: jaw harps, steel pans (steel drums), percussion, marimba, keyboards, accordion, kalimba, etc.
Günther Paal: tenor and baritone saxophones
Ernst Reitermaier: baritone and alto saxophones, (bass) clarinet
Peter H. Thomann: soprano and alto saxophones
Boris Wokurka: trumpet

Label: LOOPING no budget productions, Vienna, Austria

All music by Ing. LOOP. Produced by Ing. LOOP and Norbert Bieber.