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Last Rites

Last Rites is not merely a metal band but a metal experience. Last Rites cannot be described by genre labels: pulling influences from Thrash, Death, Progressive, and Avant-garde metal genres as well as classical musical forms and ideas. The music is epic in proportions and emotional in depth. It is music to stir the soul!

Last Rites is a band with a mission. In this hurting world of division and hopelessness; forgotten lives are passed over as worthless. This music is for those in this sea of humanity that are lost. This music is for those that have lost hope in all that is good in humanity. This music is for those that the world no longer sees. This world needs healing and Last Rites is the soundtrack!

Last Rites was founded in the summer of 2008 as an idea, a musical vehicle to accompany these hurting souls. In early 2009, Last Rites self-released a free-download demo named “Extreme Unction”. The final version of the demo has four songs of varying styles. There has been much support in the Christian metal community for the work done on Extreme Unction.

Armed with more experience, more intricate compositions, and help from some friends, Last Rites presents "Dark Night of the Soul" . This album features epic songs, emotional stories, and emboldening odes. There will be guitars, bass, electric mandolins, drums, and keyboards. There will be yelling, grunting, and screaming. There will be beauty with ugliness, triumph with despair. It will be in the whole, a musical work that describes the good and the failings of humanity.

Last Rites currently consists of one member: Sean Bailey. Sean has a classical music background with jazz influences, but his musical passion is for metal. Most easily discernable influences are Metallica and Tourniquet, but if you listen deeper there are musical accents from J.S. Bach to Blue Oyster Cult, from Franz Liszt to Becoming the Archetype.

Lyrically, Sean pulls from a profound Catholic faith and proud Irish heritage. Uncompromising to the teachings of Christ, He shares his personal journey with Christ and the struggles of being a believer in this world.

If you are looking for that perfect blend of a little old and a little new, Last Rites is it. If you are looking for music to lift you up, Last Rites is it. If you need something to pump you up in your fights with the demons of this world, Last Rites is it!