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Lavon Beats

"Lavon Beats" aka "Ron Tate" is an american music producer, songwriter, recording artist, & actor who is a North Georgia native who grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan and in Centreville, Virgina.

A few years after High School he returned to his hometown in Rome, Ga and embarked on a journey full of trails, tribulations, & ups, and downs during which he rediscovered and grew his musical ability and stepped into one of his various callings in life.

Always an avid & huge lover of all types of great music he grew up listening to a lot of different genres that helped shape his musical sense, and ability to be versatile, open and free from being stuck in a box or stuck in one mode of creativity and artistry.

As a young teenager in middle school he began writing poetry and love songs as a way to express himself and to explore deeper his flourishing creative side. It was then that he realized he wanted to be a music producer and a r&b singer/songwriter like Keith Sweat or Babyface when he got older lol :)

After years of wanting to make his own music and longing to buy the then brand new standalone digital audio workstation recorders and some other professional recording equipment he finally got the chance to make an actual recording in 2001 using some instrumentals & a few records by Curtis Mayfield & Sade.

His first demo tape recordings was made on his moms new stereo system that had a karaoke function with two tape decks and multiple Cd player functions.. Armed with a taped up Mic his twin brother let him use and a curiosity to hear how he would sound recorded, he hit the play & record buttons on the tape deck and from there his love for making music & recording his self grew and intensified...

In 2003/04 under the rap artist stage name/nickname "Tinky-T." he made his first underground mix-tape "The Demo Album Vol. 1" ft Dj Jangalang lol...which was wrote, recorded and produced by "Tinky-T." using a karaoke machine gave to him by his twin brother. The concept of the mix tape was in a radio show format with songs varying from different topics of life that " Tinky-T." was and had experienced and was living at that time..

As time went on he started to make more and more music producing several underground mix tapes collaborating with various other local and unknown underground rap artists as himself via the then popular myspace music platform and all the while fanning the flames of a growing desire to produce and develop his own brand and musical artistry.

Instead of always using instrumentals from other talented people..his ultimate goal in his heart and mind was to produce, write and establish a living in music as a professional music producer, song writer and recording artist/rapper...

In 2009 "Lavon Beats" aka "Tinky-T." saved up enough money to invest in better home studio equipment to record and produce upon, buying a brand new laptop, new DAWs :), a good studio condenser Mic, boom with a Mic stand, a/i interface/ good studio monitors, headphones, etc.. and began making his own instrumentals and continued writing, and recording his own music..

As time sometimes has it we have a life to live and it may seem as if our dreams are on hold and the delay is there to prevent us from achieving our goals and DUE SEASON we will reap and whats for us comes FORTH... After years of struggle and what seemed like nothing was happening..

In 2012 the idea came to start selling his music instrumentals and beats so the production producer name "Lavon Beats" was birthed and the idea came to do a soundscape r&b ambient album titled "Sounds of The Heart" by Lavon Beats.

These events started a renewal of new found release and passion for music and thus sparked the urgent desire to continue the path and stay the course with his music. So apon finishing the album he got up & out the boat and launched out into the deep.. walking on water:):):)

Look forward to hearing and enjoying more & more music from "Lavon Beats" and as you enjoy the fruits ..let go, relax and enjoy the different sounds and experiences of the heart and of our lives...

Stay Tuned... More Music Coming

Update 6/15/14

Lavon Beats has just wrapped up collaborating with new R&B artist "William Mcbryd" and the fruit is a new song titled "Open Your Heart Girl" which is soon to be released on his forth coming album this summer.. Yall get ready lol he is a beast haha...

Also Lavon Beats aka "Ron Tate" just Wrapped up shooting some background acting in Being Mary Jane, Survivors Remorse, and Satisfaction last was such a blast collabing with so many great actor's/extras/background artists, film crews, pa's, producer's. It was Awesome production/castings companys and such professionalism on the set's making the majic happen lol shot out to the booming film industry in atlanta and all the other folks following there dreams..1luv

Lavon Beats