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It’s your typical girl meets Game Boy love story. Girl grows weary of same old sound. Girl seeks out new inspiration. Girl discovers Game Boy. Girl says, “Hello Game Boy. Will you make music with me?” Game Boy says “Beep boop bop boop beep.” Girl falls for Game Boy. And together they make beautiful music!

That's how it happened for Leeni, anyway. Leeni was a singer-songwriter who wanted to put down the guitar and pick up some electronics. She discovered chiptune music in 2006 and fell in love instantly. She ordered a cartridge and got an old Gameboy that was collecting dust in a friend's closet and started writing immediately.

Now a veteran to an evergrowing scene, Leeni has been at the forefront of the chiptune scene for the past 4 years, making a name for herself as one of the only female artsits in the genre and even more rare as an artist who uses vocals over the music.

Leeni has traveled across the US and performed shows in multiple cities with other chiptune artists as well as being selected to perform at events such as the "I am 8-Bit" art opening in LA, The VGXPO in Portland and was selected as a performer for Blipfest 2009, a yearly, International chiptune festival based in New York City.

Leeni also gained national attention when she was named the official Colbert Girl for Stephen Colbert's presidential race when she posted a chiptune theme song for his campaign*.

Also a sound designer and composer-for-hire, Leeni's chiptune programming skills can be heard in iPhone apps such as "Pixel Flix" and web games such as "Lawn Bombs" by TBS and Sufjan Stevens Christmas promo game.**

Leeni has also made multiple appearances on panels at video game conferences as well as live and internet talk shows about gaming. Leeni was also the grand prize winner in a songwriting competition*** for Sony PSP. The competition was to write an original composition with their songwriting game cartridge "Beaterator". Leeni's "Night Courtship" won the most viewer votes.


Chiptune music captures an off-beat, nostalgic sound that is easy to embrace. It’s a relatively new genre, an innovative, cutting edge sound with a fresh, fun perspective. In the past few years, more and more chiptune music has been sampled in hip-hop, at dance clubs, and in commercials and in popular films, like "Scott Pilgrim vs The World".