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Les Mosquitos

Les Mosquitos: Happy and strong spirited people brought together by
their desire to make people dance and feel really good.

Whether you love expressing your emotions on the dance floor or simply
enjoy witnessing a beautiful live performance, Les Mosquitos are a
gang that you must see live.

With reggae as the backbone of their music, their fat baselines and
solid drumbeats come together in a sweet contribution to the already
groovy compositions of lead singer Mason “Raggamuffin” Bell. Along
with his loyal soldiers, Guillaume “Rasta Buddah” Teillefer and
Orlando “El Lapino” Alvarez, they have been running around since 2008.

Les Mosquitos' first two shows were interesting, to say the least.
They just wanted to play, no matter where or how, so they enrolled in
a local competition. They got to play, but were unhappy with their
performance, to the point of being ashamed of having inflicted it upon
their friends and families. Then, much to their surprise, they made it
to the finals. They thought “If we can have such a great effect on
people, even with a lousy performance, imagine if we were at our
best!” With that in mind, their third show was surreal. The response
of the crowd, the judges and even the sound guy was overwhelming, and
almost too much for them to handle.

Three years later, with a number of shows and lots of sweat and tears
under their belt. Les Mosquitos recorded their first official EP,
Chasing the Dragon. This fantastic project was sponsored by Ottawa’s
LiVE 88.5 Big Money Shot. In 2011, the guys had the pleasure of
participating in this amazing event and won a very well-deserved chunk
of money. They went in studio and, by cosmic coincidence, met Eric
Eggleston from Johnny Hall Productions. This character and incredible
musician did an amazing job recording, mixing and producing the
record. Everyone is very proud to have their name on the back cover.

As icing on top of the cake, through beautiful social connections, the
artist Vika Vikachu came along and made an incredible painting of a
naked girl walking towards a volcano, with a dragon tattooed on her
back. "Perfect!!" everyone thought and BOOM it became the cover of the
album and the main publicity image.

As with every other band, Les Mosquitos's lineup has evolved over
time. Currently, they have the honnor of having a very strong team:
the solid Mathieu Péloquin on drums, beautiful keyboard player
Marianne Dumas and talented Daniel Krantz on percussions.

3 July 2012 - Official Chasing the Dragon CD Launch.

The evening was a mind blowing success. The band had prepared it's
best show yet. Fans got to enjoy a beautiful reception, with hors
d'oeuvres, some of Vika's artwork on display and a table with
Mosquitos CDs and merchandise for sale.

Much to everyone's surprise, the event was sold out. There was even a
line up and some people had to be turned away. There just wasn't any
room left.

As another beautiful surprise, without hesitation, Kevin Hall, made a
generous bid on Vika's original cover art painting and ended up
bringing it home.

The band had high hopes for the show, but the crowd's reaction went
far beyond their wildest expectations. Les Mosquitos still can't wrap
their heads around all the compliments they receive and the crazy
energy and sweat that the people break on the dance floor.

The "thank you" list is incredibly long.