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Lester and the Landslide Ladies

This band was formed in 2002 in Modena Italy as Landslide Ladies. From day one the band goal is to put themselves and their stories to music. Rock and roll immediately becomes the narrating voice chosen for their tale. Standing in the middle of a whirlwind of genres with a rock impromptu this band seems doomed to be themselves because incapable to pretend. Clashing hysterically together the flamboyant sass of early glam rock, the typical starkness of punk rock, a power pop taste for catchy melodies and an hi powered rock and roll approach those guys are always able to win the day, delivering the good through a truly unique sound that brings back an in your face attitude. Recently the band monicker has been changed to Lester and the Landslide Ladies after the numerous alternations that have left Lester Greenowski, singer and main author, as the only “survivor”. Despite all of the shit those guys have been through this band has never stopped performing and keeps playing restlessly since this is their natural condition. The affection of the audience and the press likes that have always supported the band can only be motivation in order to continue their own travel sure not to be alone.

Being playing over 600 shows since 2003 in Italy, Germany, Swisse, France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia sharing stage with New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, Faster Pussycat, Enuff z' Nuff, L.A. Guns, Backyard Babies, Dogs d'Amour, Quireboys, Sham 69, Vibrators, Angelic Upstarts, Cockney Rejects, Tigertailz, Paul Collins Beat, Tuff, Shameless, Black Halos, Texas Terri Bomb, Bad Luck Charms, Kevin K, The Erotics, The Loyalties, Hollywood Teasze, Innocent Rosie, Vains of Jenna, Freeze, Crystal Pistol, Brijitte West, Koffin Kats, The Accidents, Adam Bomb, Radio Dead Ones, Lustkillers, Slamdunk, Sex Slaves, Leatherwolf, Koritni, Solenoid, Bible of Devil, Piotta and many others.

The band tour Hungary
The band play with Faster Pussycat
The band play with Enuff z’nuff

The band play with Vibrators
The band play METAL SLUDGE EXTRAVAGANZA with Tuff, Shameless and Innocent Rosie
The band play The Accidents
The band play with Sex Slaves
The band play with Koffin Kats
The band play with Radio Dead Ones
The band play with Bible of the Devil
The band play with Solenoid
The band plays with Piotta
The band get signed with Tornado Ride Records
The record 2nd studio lp "Estranged in Ladyland"

The band plays with Texas Terri Bomb
The band plays with Hollywood Teasze
The band palys with Vains of Jenna
The band support the whole L.A. Guns Italian Tour.
The band plays with Backyard Babies.
The band plays with Cockney Rejects.
The band plays with Bad Luck Charms (Kerry Martinez U.S. Bombs).
The band plays with Black Halos.
The band plays with Steevi Jaimz Gang.
The band is the best italian act @
The band joins “SoloRobaNostra” 76 bands bonded together in a RnR clan.
The band records “Change, Derange, Rearrange”.
La band records “Dysfunctionally Yours… Live!”.
La band shoots 2 video for the song “Who Needs Enemies”.
La band feautured “SoloRobaNostra vol.1”.
Frangements from “Best Friends Glitter Can Buy” used as gingles, O.S.T.s for Italian television (All Music, Fuori Tv etc.).
The band headlines the 3 days festival “Punks from outer space”.
The band plays Brain Rock Festival.
The band plays Sabbio Rock Festival.

The band get the 21st place at Heineken Jammin Contest among more than 3000 bands.
The band recorded is first long play “Best Friends Glitter Can Buy”.
The band plays two out of four “Glam Attakk Itinerant Festival” gigs together with Nasty Idols and Adam Bomb
The band invited to play “777 Festival” together with Sparkling Bombs.
The band plays with Crystal Pistol.
The band plays with Koritni.
The band plays with Leatherwolf.
The band plays with Cowboy Prostitutes.
The band plays with Innocent Rosie.

The band supported the whole Tyla & The Dogs D’Amour Italian tour.
The band played Austria.
The band played “Miti della Musica” tv show hosted by music guru Red Ronnie.
The band played infamous fanzine Slam “Slam! Summer Party” together with The Loyalties (ex-Black Halos, ex-The Yo-Yo’s etc.) and Teenage Casket Company while cruising the Venice lagoon on a ferry.
The band support Slamdunk (ex-Hollywood Teasze).
The band featured on a Stiv Bators tribute.
The band featured on a Hollywood Teasze Tribute.
The band published his first single “Anyway, Glitter From the Gutter” and signs for Secondo Avvento Produzioni.
The band included in Germany Electric Booking roster with artist as L.A.Guns, Annihilator, Steven Addler, Gilby Clarke etc.

The band supported the whole Tigertailz Italian tour
The band played the only Italian glam festival “Glam Attakk”
The band played Yugoslavia.
The band invited to play "Venice Rock Festival" supporting Hanoi Rocks (performance cancelled due to time schedule)
The band shared three gigs with The Erotics.
The band featured on a Sex Pistols tribute “Pizza Swindlers”.
The band featured on “Pills & Thrills vol.1”
The band shoot a video for “Anyway” directed by Guido Geminiani (Balls of Steel,The Munchies, Mtv Gip etc.).

The band played “Creature Simili in Festa“ festival.
The band played Switzerland.
The band took part at the first Italian Kiss expo tour.
The band recorded second Ep “Six Strings & Cigarettes”.
The band invited to play “Glam Shot Festival”.
The band played infamous fanzine Slam “Slam! New Years Eve Party”.

The band recorded first Ep “Loud, Lousy & Loose!”
Claudio Pucci from Metal Shock chose Landslide Ladies as one of top five unsigned act on his 2003 year end poll
The band featured on first ever released Italian kiss tribute
compilation “Italian Kiss Better”