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LiL SpuD AntonE

Lil’ Spud Antone was born Brian A. Edwards in Searcy ,Arkansas 0n February 28,197*
In the early morning hours on a cold February day in Arkansas , but was raised in Kensett ,AR, Just a mile east of Searcy and about forty-five to fifty miles north of Little Rock Arkansas ,the States Capital. He was bestowed his nickname/stage name from a couple of homeboys /cousins that he grew up with in the streets of Kensett . They started calling him ....
Spud because of his short stature ,and the reason is... at the time it was given to him… the N.B.A. ’s Atlanta Hawks Superstar "Spud Webb "was on top of his game ,and at the same time...
one of the “Shortest Players” in the league ., Hence the name Lil’ “Spud” ,and Antone was given to him by his Mother(1942-2008) R.I.P. ,because she wanted him to use something in reference to his real name...,and Being his middle name is Antonio , once again hence the name “Antone” .

Spud along with two older siblings was raised in a single parent household ,by there mother ,and there maternal grandparents .(R.I.P)
being a constant presence of support along the way. Spiritually physically and financially.
Growing up in the small town streets of Kensett ,AR (THE DIRTY SOUTH) The Arkansas rapper says he can’t claim that he has had it as hard as a lot of rappers/people today ,but he will say that even though Kensett Is a small town in comparison to a lot of places ,don’t get it twisted ,the same type of things that could happen in the larger urban hoods ,has happen in Spuds hood also just not quite as often. To drugs ,to murder ,to crime overall. unfortunately! .

But Lil’ Spud Antone has faced a whole different type of an obstacle along the way and while growing up. He was born with and illness called “Sickle Cell Disease”(Anemia). He was diagnosed at the age of two years old . He says this has afforded him a lot of time to hone his craft .Due to all the hospital stays ,with time to burn in the hospital he would write music to pass time once feeling better. Lil’ Spud Says that the majority of his songs released, or un-released was written in a hospital while under the heavy effects of narcotics ! Morphine , Demerol ,etc., for sickle cell is a very ,very painful disease …this is his life ...for what it is the Arkansas M.C. says ,and just one of many obstacles that would hinder him ,but not stop him in his musical endeavors.

At the age of 17 , Lil’ Spud Antone ‘s Sister took him to a , LL cool j concert ,and he knew right then that’s what he wanted to do with his life. It was that “Eureka Moment” That you here artist speak of. He admits… that was truly the moment ! He knew “Hip Hop” was for him. (read more on
This led Spud along with 2 other friends (homeboys) to start a rap group called “The Treacherous 3” but at that time there wasn’t a lot of rap/hip hop coming out of the south
although the “Ghetto Boys” and the 2 live crew was hitting hard!! But not much more then that! At least not on a national basis ., Nor did they have anybody that even knew how to go about or help them to get on he says. They later added another homeboy to the crew and renamed the group "The Romance Crew" ,but still they went no where! ,and it wasn’t for trying. . .

Spud says that it was always easier to express himself through music then through any other means. Lil’Spud is actually quite shy
,he thinks it’s because he missed so much
school due to his share of extended hospital stays ,and his social skills never quite developed ! He laughs!! Although by speaking with him he Is seemly intelligent !

So ultimately he and his homeboys all put down the microphones ,and abandon there dreams!. Lil ‘spud actually hit the streets at the age of 23 and starting selling durgs which is something he’s not proud of. …but he did he admits . And the same time finding out that his girlfriend was pregnant .
At 25 years old Lil ‘Spud Antone Found himself in very serious trouble with the law.,and a child to provide for..his charge was
not a 'Drug Charge" but a gun charge . He was arrested for attempted murder, which was
later reduced to a less serious charge of “Aggravated Assault” given no one was hurt. ...and spud ended up not
serving any jail time just probation and very hefty fines.

So now with a child to feed and fines to pay Lil’ Spud put his musical aspirations
a side once again and got a 9 to 5 job. By this time he decided to quit the sell and distribution of drugs! and has been legit every since. Through all of this Spud never strayed to Far from his dreams . His relationship soured with his childs mother .and they split ,but still remains the very best of friends to this day.Spud then decided to give college a chance pursuing a degree in psychology at the same time writing music. When
one day fate extended it’s hand once more,and his oldest nephew showed an interest in music...
and Lil'Spud wanted to help him (His Nephew)and his homeboys out. So him and his nephew decided to
To start there own independent record label “Hoodbilly Hustle Records®”.

While building his label Spud was dealt the worst blow of his life! he lost his mother to heart disease ,but not only his mother, but she was also his best friend! . He says...and she was by far his biggest fan ,but unfortunately didn’t live long enough to see him ultimately realize his dream. Lil’ Spud wondered if he should continue on …with his music ,but through the support of his Aunt ,Brother ,Sister and other family and friends LIL' SPUD ANTONE kept trucking!
Once again Lil' Spud picked the M.I.C. back up…and it’s been on every since! (read more on Lil' Spud Antone on where he talks about his "Musical
Thanks for rocking with Lil’ SpuD AntonE
I Still havn’t made it! …STAY HUNGRY!
K -town raise up!!! Bio Written By: IMORA HADDEN on Behalf Of Hoodbilly Hu$tle Records® For Lil Spud Antone / Bio consultant :Lil Spud Antone.